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Chinese New Year Products


The most important of the traditional Chinese holidays, the Chinese New Year (also known as the Chinese Lunar New Yram coinear) has become a much-celebrated event not only in China but in countries around the world. Beginning on the first day of the first month of the traditional Chinese calendar, the Festival of the New Year is a centuries-old celebration that includes red decorations, presents, food, clothing and cooperative family preparations for luck and good fortune in the upcoming year. This year, 2015, is the Year of the Goat in the traditional Chinese calendar.

In celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year, APMEX offers Year of the Goat Lungold pandaar Coins and Chinese Panda Coins that commemorate this annual event in the Chinese calendar. First, the Lunar Coins are a great addition to any coin collection since the theme of the coin’s design draws its inspiration from China’s ancient Lunar Calendar, whose stories indicate that the 12 animals in the calendar have a profound influence over those born under their “rule.” Offered in both Gold and Silver, the Year of the Goat Lunar Coins commemorate the Goat’s place in the lunar calendar.

In addition to the Lunar Coins, the Gold Panda Coins are likewise perfect emblems of the Chinese New Year celebration. The unique, aesthetic nature of the Chinese Panda Coin makes it a particular favorite to coin collectors around the world. The obverse desiggoat silverns of the standard Chinese Gold and Silver Coins depict the image of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, a famous example of classic Chinese architecture. The reverse designs depict the panda, China’s rare and well-known animal, as the main motif. Each Panda has a unique style, with a design that changes every year.

Honoring this momentous occasion, the Lunar Coins and Chinese Panda Coins are a great way to participate in the Festival of the New Year. Buy your Gold and Silver Lunar Coins and Chinese Panda Coins from APMEX to participate in the celebration of the Chinese New Year and an ancient Chinese tradition.

MintDirect Tamper-Evident Packaging. Only from APMEX.

tep-mindirect-MiniBanner84925_Slab MD TEP84887_Slab MD TEP

If you’re one of the many APMEX customers who have enjoyed purchasing MintDirect® Tubes over the years you may be excited to hear of the newest APMEX product, MintDirect® Singles in tamper-evident packaging (TEP). Direct from the mint, these products make their way to APMEX where they are placed immediately into a sealed case.

Like the MintDirect® tubes, MintDirect® singles come in Silver and Gold products like the Gold and Silver 1 oz American Eagle coins and the Gold and Silver 1 oz Canadian Maple coins.


Each single MintDirect® coin includes an authentication card identifying the coin inside, ensuring the coin comes directly from the mint to you and giving you peace of mind for the lifetime of your investment.


The MintDirect® process guarantees your coins have come directly from the mint. Once opened, each coin is immediately sealed, preserving your coin’s condition exactly as it was when it left the mint.


The MintDirect® process protects and guarantees the condition of your coin indefinitely in a nonreactive plastic polymer case, double sealed with radio frequency welding.

Follow the life of a MintDirect® coin as it journeys from the mint to APMEX and finally into your hands. Each coin is handled with utmost care and sealed within a protective polymer authentication card that will guarantee your investment indefinitely. Watch the MintDirect® process direct from the mint to you — only available at APMEX. Learn more about MintDirect® from APMEX.


Make Coin Collecting Fun with Products like These

If you think about coin collecting, you might imagine it being a rather stuffy hobby. However, collecting coins today does not have to be the “same-old, same-old” anymore. While collecting classic or traditional coins is still popular, there are a number of new options that are fun— in addition to being a good investment. Check out some of the fun and fascinating new products on the market today that would make a great addition or beginning to your Precious Metals collection.butterfly

  • 3D Coins – Traditional coins can sometimes be seen as dull and boring, especially to a younger audience. However, 3D coins are far from that! The Central African butterfly coins are a standard Silver coin that utilizes a special 3D technique. They appear to have a butterfly sitting directly on the coin, ready to take off in flight. It’s a delight to see something so unique on a coin, making it a fun addition to a collection.
  • Super Hero Coins – Available individually or in a proof set, these Silver coins include the likeness of Thor, Ironman, Captain America and The Incredible SpidermanHulk. In addition to being a whole lot of fun and a neat collection piece for the young investor, they are made and created in small quantities — assuring they will retain their value for years to come. Not to be outdone, there are other superhero coins available from too. Spiderman and Batman are two of the popular characters who have been memorialized in coin form.


  • Cartoon Coins – Other options may be more to your liking. What about a Silver coin, featuring cartoon characters Tom and Jerry? Or maybe your favorite Disney characters? Both groups have been delighting audiences for decades and now there’s a way to enjoy and collect them!
  • Keep it Classic – Maybe you just want to start a tradition collection? Going with the popular Silver Eagle or Gold Maple Leaf coins are always a great option. Graded coins are also a very popular addition to a collection. Don’t forget that Precious Metals also come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can also add some variety to your collection.

As you can see coin and Precious Metals collecting can be a fun hobby that appeals to many, perhaps even yourself. Check out some of the other interesting and unusual designs available from APMEX today!

Product Spotlight – Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leaf

SML frontThe Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leaf is one of the most beautiful and recognized coins in the world. Let’s take a closer look to see what makes this coin so special.

Stats: Introduced in 1988, this annually issued coin is a favorite among collectors and investors. The Silver Maple contains .9999 fine Silver, standard with Royal Canadian Mint bullion products, where the majority of Silver coins around the world hold their fineness at .999 fine. Silver Maple mint tubes contain 25 coins per tube, compared to just 20 packaged in Silver American Eagle mint tubes. The Silver Maple Leaf coin is also considered a sovereign coin, meaning its value is backed by the Canadian government.

Design: Boasting the same design since its debut, the Silver Maple features the classic profile of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, along with the year anSML backd face value. The reverse prominently displays the iconic single Canadian maple leaf with the coin’s weight and purity. In recent years, the Royal Canadian Mint has added a micro-engraved maple leaf privy mark that shows a number corresponding to the mint year that is visible when viewed under magnification. Silver Maple Leafs now also feature a radial background design to deter counterfeiters and further guarantee the coin’s impressive .9999 purity.

Special Releases: The Canadian Silver Maple has several special edition coins. A favorite among many are the six anniversary coins, including the popular 2013 25th Anniversary Coin. Other special releases include privy marked Silver Maples such as the . The Zodiac series are also popular releases, from the 1998 Year of the Tiger to the 2009 Year of the Ox and everything in between.

The Silver Maple Leaf is considered one of the most beautiful bullion coins in the world, offering a perfect blend of collectible beauty and investment appeal. For questions about this coin or Precious Metals investments, call APMEX at 800.375.9006 and talk to a customer service representative or visit us at http://www.APMEX.com.

Top 4 Ways Precious Metals Can Diversify Your Portfolio

box of crayonsWhat does a box of crayons and your portfolio have in common? The answer: A need for diversification.

Many financial advisers encourage their clients to diversify. However, their idea of diversification likely means buying different types of stocks and perhaps some mutual funds or bonds. A keen investor will look beyond those options a little further and considers diversifying their portfolio with Precious Metals. How do these materials round out your investments? While the exact reasoning will differ from person to person, here are 4 common ways Precious Metals can add depth to your investment portfolio.

  1. You hold them yourself – You will have your Gold, Silver or other metals in your own possession. That means you are not relying on a bank to keep up with them for you. While banks are generally very safe, it can be nice to have a backup plan.
  2. Precious Metals are finite – There is only a certain amount of Gold, Silver and Platinum on the earth. That assures when prices may rise and fall in the short term, in the long-term prices will stabilize and it will keep its purchasing power.
  3. Prices move independent of stocks and bonds – In a slight economic downturn, if your stock and bond investments move downward, it could be possible that the Gold, Silver and other metals you own would remain stable or even rise. This creates a balance and can help you or your family move past a difficult financial situation without suffering.
  4. Precious Metals remain desirable – If organized financial markets suffered setbacks or even collapse, Precious Metals would be a valuable bartering tool. This makes them much different than stocks or bonds that could become worthless.

Look at the facts and decide for yourself if adding Precious Metals to your investments will make your overall financial picture stronger. While stocks and bonds are relatively modern creations, humans have treasured Precious Metals for centuries. To learn more about Precious Metals or to look at your investment options visit www.APMEX.com or call 1-800-595-2164.

4 Reasons Why Precious Metals Should Be Considered a Long Term Investment Strategy

short term_long term

When you think about investing in Precious Metals, keep in mind that it is not an opportunity to make a profit overnight, or even within a short time. Precious Metals are most certainly long-term investments, but why is that the case? These five reasons may make things a little more clear.

  • The Demand Always Exists – Whether the economy is good or bad, there will always be a demand for Gold, Silver or Platinum. While they may not always be used for jewelry and other luxuries, they have many other practical uses that keep them in demand.
  • Precious Metal Values Rise With Inflation – Many experts feel that investing in Precious Metals is one of the surest ways to protect against inflation. These materials have been shown to rise at or ahead of the rate of inflation, making them an excellent long-term investment.
  • They May Lose Value Short Term – In the short term, these investments can lose value. However, in the long-term, Precious Metals usually rebound and gain value. If you are in a hurry to get cash back quickly, Precious Metals may not be an ideal choice.
  • You Don’t Have to Play the Market – Unlike stocks, bonds or even mutual funds, there is no “playing the market” when it comes to dealing with metals. You can buy these investments and sit on them for years, or even put them away for future generations. This is an investment that requires little financial maintenance on your part until the time comes to sell.

As you can see, Precious Metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium can be a great investment, but they are more suited to those with a long-term plan. Experienced APMEX account managers are here to answer any questions you have about investing in Precious Metals. Give them a call at 800.375.9006 to discuss your options and make sure Precious Metals investing is right for you.

Product Spotlight – American Silver Eagle

classic coinsFirst released in 1986, the American Silver Eagle quickly became one of the most popular bullion coins in the world. Most coin collectors, especially those who treasure U.S.-minted coins, have more than a few in their collections. It is considered one of the most beautiful coins ever minted and is the world’s only Silver bullion coin whose weight, content and purity are guaranteed by the United States government. Spend some time learning a bit more about this popular collector piece — then you can make smart purchasing decisions when it comes time to add the American Silver Eagle to your collection!

The Stats

Composed of 99.9% Silver, the American Silver Eagle is truly a Silver coin. It has a $1 face value and is only available in a 1 troy ounce size. The United States Mint certifies the content, weight and purity of the Silver that composes the coin and makes sure it meets the standards they put in place. The most common version, the business strike, is intended for circulation and is popular amongst investors, while the proof and burnished versions are more popular with collectors.

The American Silver Eagle has been minted at three different United States Mint locations since its inception in 1986: The San Francisco Mint, the Philadelphia Mint and the West Point Mint. The first coin was struck in San Francisco on October 29, 1986.

Because the American Silver Eagle is made of 99.9% Silver, it is a popular investment piece for many. In fact, during the recession between 2008 and 2010, the U.S. Mint suspended selling proof sets and had an allocation program in place. This meant that the secondary market prices on these products were higher. This was a short-term financial problem, but proved the point that Precious Metals were a sure bet in economic downturn.

The obverse of the Silver Eagle coin depicts Adolph A. Weinman’s Walking Liberty Half Dollar design, used from 1916 to 1947. This image is one of the most cherished and well-known designs ever to grace coins minted by the United States. The reverse of the American Silver Eagle coin is just as impressive as the obverse, featuring an American eagle, the very symbol of our nation’s freedom, echoing patriotism and national pride.79019_Obv

Special Releases
Because of its popularity, the American Silver Eagle coin sparked a number of special issues. In 1993, a Philadelphia Set was created commemorating the bicentennial of the striking of the first United States coins in the city. Other special issues include a Millennium set and a Reverse Proof Silver Eagle.

The American Silver Eagle is a relatively new coin when compared to many of the others in the U.S. coin lineup. However, it has a storied history and is a popular collector piece. Take the time to look over the options available and consider adding a few to your collection today.