Wednesday links: Gold below $1,600

Gold ends below $1,600, lowest since December (MarketWatch)

Why Isn’t Gold Soaring? (MSNBC)

Hedging Gold’s Loss of Glitter (Barrons)

Greece, Spain worries roil bond markets (MarketWatch)

10 housing markets set for double-digit price gains (CNN)

Europe May Need More Power to Deal With Bank Crisis (NY Times)

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Tuesday links: Gold gives up gains for the year

Euro, stocks, oil slump as Greek crisis deepens (Reuters)

US Stocks Decline Amid Greece Concerns (WSJ)

US Employers Posted 3.74 Million March Jobs (ABC)

Why Gold Could Be Setting Up For A Killer Comeback (Forbes)

Europe Worries Push Gold To 4-Month Low (WSJ)

Gold Gives Up Gains for Year—and Could Go Lower (CNBC)

Gold, other commodities fall as doubts about Europe’s economy prompt concerns about demand (Washington Post)

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Monday links: Gold ends lower on European elections

Gold ends lower on European elections (MarketWatch)

India Removes Excise Tax on Gold Jewelry (WSJ)

Warren Who? Gold Bugs Still Think They Have Right Idea (CNBC)

US consumers upped their borrowing in March (AP)

A post-elections reality check in the Eurozone (LA Times)

US Stocks Mixed After Post-Election Bounce (WSJ)

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Wednesday links: Gold extends slump

Precious Metals

Gold Extends Its Slump To Third Day (WSJ)

Is Gold Today’s Safest Investment? (The Atlantic)

Gold and Silver Decline After Jobs Report (Fox Business)

What Do Americans Think About Gold? (Fox Business)

Gold Still Americans’ Top Pick Among Long-Term Investments (Gallup)


S&P 500 lower after private-sector jobs data (Reuters)

U.S. factory orders decline 1.5% in March (MarketWatch)

Dollar-Funding Costs Drop As Market Awaits Next ECB Move (WSJ)

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Tuesday Links: Gold Slips on Positive US Manufacturing Data

Precious Metals

Gold Slips On US Manufacturing Data (WSJ)

Gold trades lower after manufacturing data (MarketWatch)


US economy shows resilience as manufacturing grows at fastest pace in 10 months (Washington Post)

U.S. auto sales continue at strong pace (CNN)

Dow Jones average hits highest mark since ’07 (AP)

Dow Notches Four-Year Closing High (Fox Business)

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