Limited Quantity Historic Gold – $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagles

Pre 1933 Gold Coins In Circulation More Than 100 Years Ago
Remarkably Well Preserved
$5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle (Extra Fine)

$5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle (Extra Fine) There are few investments that you can make in Gold coins that are this historic, beautiful, and affordable. These $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle (Extra Fine) coins were minted from 1839 -1908. And with .2419 oz of Gold, these coins represent an affordable alternative to modern Gold bullion coins:

  • Extra Fine Condition: Every coin we offer in this promotion would grade Extra Fine, meaning they have sharp, defined features, even though they were minted more than 100 years ago and circulated in everyday use until 1933.
  • Classic Design: Christian Gobrecht created this $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle coin in the first half of the 19th century. It’s a beautiful example of early American coinage. For collectors, this is the last Half Eagle design to depict Lady Liberty. “In God We Trust” was added to the reverse, or back, in 1866.
  • Collectible and Affordable: Each of these coins contains .2419 oz of actual Gold. They’re more affordable than larger bullion coins, but have the history and condition of a collectible.
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Limited Quantity – Gold Coins with Historic Demand

Perhaps the Most Famous Gold Coin
$20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle
In Almost Uncirculated Condition
(Limited Supply)

$20 St. Gaudens Gold Double Eagle (Almost Uncirculated) 

Here’s a rare chance to obtain $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle coins — one of the most historically significant and beautiful Gold coins in American history – Almost Uncirculated with just the slightest wear. This is a great condition for coins that circulated roughly 80 – 100+ years ago! Quantities are limited so order now!


Augustus Saint-Gaudens designed the Double Eagle coin in response to a personal request from President Theodore Roosevelt. This design circulated from 1907 until 1933, when the government ordered all U.S. Gold coins be removed from circulation and melted. Surviving $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle coins are popular with collectors and investors for:

  • Their Celebrated Design: The Saint-Gaudens designed obverse, or front, is widely considered the most beautiful U.S. circulating coin ever minted
  • Their Fine Gold Content: Each pre-1933 Saint-Gaudens $20 Gold Double Eagle contains .9675 oz of Gold, making it an alternative to modern Gold bullion
  • Their Pre-1933 Historical Significance: Coins that survived the 1933 government order to be removed from circulation are of particular interest to collectors
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Limited Quantity – European Gold Only $9.99 Per Coin Over Spot

20 Francs Gold Napoleon III coins

A Rare Price on European Gold Too Good To Pass Up
19th Century 20 Francs Gold Napoleon III
Only $9.99 Per Coin Over Spot – Any Quantity!

Whether you are new to investing in Precious Metals or looking to expand your existing holdings, pay attention to this rare opportunity. APMEX is offering the chance to own highly collectible bullion 20 Francs Gold Napoleon III (EF/AU) coins — as many as you’d like — for the low price of $9.99 per coin over spot!

Weighing close to a fifth of an ounce, these coins are akin to many popular ¼ ounce Gold bullion coins but with a much lower premium. That is why this is such a rare opportunity and at 140+ years old, they’re a collector’s favorite and an investor’s dream. Take advantage of this opportunity to purchase Gold coins from 19th century France at a fantastic low price, while supplies last!


These 20 Francs Gold Napoleon III coins are:

  • Popular throughout France and among Gold enthusiasts worldwide
  • Highly affordable Gold coins with .1867 oz of Gold
  • Dated 1852 through 1870
  • Extra Fine or Almost Uncirculated for discerning collectors and investors who want higher quality
  • Available in multiple designs, giving them semi-numismatic appeal as well*
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Hurry While Supplies Last – Get Our Best Priced 1 oz 2012 Gold Coin

2012 1 oz Australian Gold Kangaroo


Don’t miss this fantastic buying opportunity while 2012 Gold Kangaroo coins are so well-priced at only $44.99 per coin over spot. This coin is currently priced as the lowest premium 1 oz 2012 Gold coin at APMEX. Plus, this .9999-fine Gold Kangaroo Coin is also approved for Precious Metals IRAs. Compare this world-class 1 oz 2012 Gold coin with any we sell.


Made by one of the most popular mints in the world, the Perth Mint, the Gold Kangaroo is one ounce of solid .9999-fine Gold — purity guaranteed by the Australian government. In addition, the 2012 1 oz Gold Kangaroo features:

  • Secure plastic capsule to protect the coin from damage while on display or stored away.
  • $100 face-value. The Gold Kangaroo has been Australian currency since the start of the series in 1987.
  • A brand-new design. Each year the Gold Kangaroo Series has its own design and distinguishing features that make it a valuable collectible.
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New lower tier pricing on 2012 1 oz Gold American Eagle

2012 1oz Gold American Eagle

New lower tier pricing!
Now, pay even less when buying fewer coins! Enjoy premium price breaks on orders of just four coins, and get our lowest premium price on orders of only 20 coins! Take advantage of these improved volume discounts — you can save more than ever before!

As low as $79.99 per coin over spot!
Gold American Eagle coins attract attention from collectors and investors around the world for their beautiful, patriotic design and Gold value. These 1 oz Gold Eagles are all in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Orders of the Gold Eagle coins in multiples of 20 will be in mint tubes, and orders of the Gold Eagles in multiples of 500 come in sealed “Monster Boxes.”

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