Investors Worldwide Choose Gold as 4th Asset Class; Gold Hits $1800 per oz. on Wednesday

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In Wednesday’s video message, Michael Haynes, CEO at APMEX, discussed why foreign investors buy Gold in greater quantities than the U.S. investors and how the worldwide acceptance of Gold as the 4th asset class has established Gold as a global asset. Gold Prices reached record highs over the past few weeks as investors worldwide flock to Gold as a safe haven.

Historically, investors buy Gold and Silver to balance and diversify their portfolios during high inflation periods. With the value of the dollar continuing to spiral downward, many investors have chosen to invest in precious metals.

Michael R. Haynes is a 30-year veteran of the precious metal and rare coin markets. He has served as a board member, president, COO or CFO of nine different public and private companies engaged in the specialty retail, distribution, e-commerce and manufacturing businesses.

Balance your portfolio with the 4th asset class of Gold today.

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