Is Now the Time to Invest in Silver?

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Fluctuations in the price of Silver are allowing investors to buy Silver at rates not seen since almost a year ago. Could now be the time to invest or extend your position in Silver?

Today’s Opportunity in Silver
The fundamentals that drove the price of Silver to a cycle-high earlier this year have not changed. We continue to face risks to the U.S. economy, a global debt crisis, and European financial uncertainty. Yet, Silver is now providing a buying opportunity for investors.

According to the Silver Institute, the Silver demand from industry (utilized by technology and electronics, among others) will increase by 36% between now and 2015. The International Business Times reported that the “current annual production of Silver is estimated at 700 million ounces. But demand is outpacing limited supplies. The demand for Silver from emerging economies like China and India is likely to continue to fuel the market.”

Silver and Your Portfolio
Silver could continue to play an important role for both investors and high-tech industries over the long term. The current price pullback is providing an opportunity for investors who may have been waiting on the sidelines for a better time to extend their holdings. This could be the right combination for long-term investment growth.

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