Safe Way to Store Precious Metals

This week, APMEX announced the launch of Citadel Global Depository Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary. Citadel customers will have the opportunity to safely store their Gold, Silver and other precious metals in a high and private security storage facility. “Since our inception APMEX has always delivered our precious metal products right to our customers. But many clients were looking for a different solution. Customers don’t want the worry, expense, or concern of storing their precious metals securely themselves. That is why APMEX launched Citadel. “said Michael Garofalo, President of Citadel.

Through an exclusive arrangement with one of the world’s most prestigious private vault services precious metals stored for APMEX customers are safe and secure. Accounts are free to set-up and Citadel also provides free shipping to storage. In addition for a limited time customers making new purchases from APMEX will receive first three months of storage FREE! Customers will be able to view their inventory at Citadel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and customers can track the current value of their holdings, just as they do other types of investments.

Get started now! Call 1-888-518-7596 or visit to get started.

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