Weekly Gold and Silver Market Recap for May 4, 2012

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Manufacturing Jobs?:

After a rough week Gold looks to at least close the week on an uptick.  The release of April’s employment report by Automatic Data Processing Inc. report showed that the economy added 119,000 jobs in April, while economists had anticipated the addition of 160,000 jobs. The unemployment rate fell by one-tenth of a percent, to 8.1 percent, but that was attributed completely to people who gave up searching for jobs. Stock futures fell after the report was released.  Manufacturing index numbers beat initial estimates in a report this week, climbing to 54.8 percent for the month of April. This exceeded even the most optimistic estimates. Manufacturing “continues to be a bright spot in the recovery,” said Ellen Zentner, a senior U.S. economist at Nomura Securities International Inc. in New York. “We have yet to see a drop-off in foreign demand for U.S. manufactured goods, and that comes despite all the concerns of a slowdown in the global economy.”

European Factories Fading?:

Weak manufacturing reports out of Europe had a global affect. Even the strongest of the European nations are felt the economic downturn in the region.  Germany’s data shows manufacturing down for a second straight month. “The debt crisis in Europe is weighing on growth and it’s rippling across the world,” said Peter Dixon at Commerzbank. With all of the latest economic concerns in Europe pressure is building on political leaders to step in.  There is a prevailing perception among economists that European Central Bank President Mario Draghi may have overplayed his hand earlier this year. This viewpoint is fueled primarily by his more cautious statements recently. Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann recently said, “Monetary policy is not a panacea, and central bank firepower is not unlimited, especially not in a monetary union. We can only win back confidence if we bring down excessive deficits and boost competitiveness. And it is precisely because these things are unpopular that makes it so tempting for politicians to rely instead on monetary accommodation.” Austerity measures are taking their toll among a number of eurozone nations.

Gold Still Best:

A new poll this week showed that Americans believe Gold to be the safest long-term investment. Gold blew away the competition (real estate and stocks) in the poll, and researchers believe the information suggests that the sentiment regarding Gold is directly correlated to an increasing lack of faith in the American economy.

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