2012 Gold & Silver Proof Chinese Pandas. In 5 Oz And Kilo Sizes.

They’re Big. They’re Beautiful. And They Just Arrived. 2012 Gold & Silver Proof Chinese Pandas  In 5 Oz And Kilo Sizes.

2012 Chinese Pandas The Chinese Panda, one of the most beautiful and sought after bullion coins in the world, proves hard to keep in stock. But APMEX has the 2012 Proof Chinese Pandas in 5 oz and kilo sizes in Gold and Silver. Don’t wait, because as big as this news is, quantities are very limited.

The unique design of the Chinese Panda coin appeals to investors and collectors alike. The obverse, or front, is an intricate rendering of China’s Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, while the design on the reverse, or back, changes almost every year, but always features the lovable panda in its natural habitat. The beauty and intricate detail of these coins come stunningly to life in Proof finish 5 oz and 1 kilo sizes. These coins are all:

  • Packed with more Gold and Silver: Made of .999 fine Gold or Silver, the 5 oz and 1 kilo sizes make it easier to own and store larger quantities of Precious Metal.
  • Proof finish: You can better appreciate the exquisite details in this year’s “panda and cub” design. The Proof finish adds a frosted look to the raised devices and a shimmering luster to the background.

Shipped in a display box with certificate of authenticity: The box makes for a handsome display, even as it protects coins from damage during shipping and storage. A Chinese government issued certificate ensures authenticity of each coin.

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