Product of the Week: 2013 10 Euro Silver Hercules (Face Value Coins)

2013 10 Euro Silver Hercules (Face Value Coins)

2013 10 Euro Silver Hercules (Face Value Coins)

The 2013 Silver Hercules coin is a perfect combination of history, beauty, collectibility and precious Silver. Featuring iconic French imagery in a modern design, this coin is an elegant tribute to the past.

When the First French Republic was proclaimed in 1792, Augustin Dupré was charged with engraving much of the new republic’s coinage. This master sculptor created the 5 franc Silver coin depicting Hercules in 1795, a composition so revered by the republic that it was struck again in 1848, 1870, 1877 and now today.

As in Dupré’s original design, the obverse of this coin shows Hercules, symbol of the now sovereign French people, uniting the hands of Liberty and Equality. The French motto encircles the subjects and is translated “Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood.”

The reverse of the coin features a hexagonal motif which references the shape of the country of France, which is also the affectionate nickname French citizens have given their home: “L’Hexagone” or “The Hexagon.” The denomination of 10 euro is set in the center with bay and oak branches placed to mimic the euro symbol. “République française” encircles the denomination as well.

This is the second consecutive year in which the Hercules design has been featured on French Precious Metal circulating coins, and it is also the last. It is not certain when this design will be used again, so claim yours today. APMEX makes it easy to buy Silver coins by offering competitive Silver prices on all Silver collectible coins.