5 things you never want to do with Gold and Silver.

Gold and Silver may last forever, but coins, bars, rounds and jewelry require special care to preserve their value. Here are a few things you never want to do.

  • Don’t touch or talk over a coin: Fingerprints can be almost impossible to remove so be sure to always wear gloves, preferably made of soft cotton, when you handle coins. And don’t talk in a coin’s direction. Subtle, indiscernible drops of saliva can land on a coin and turn into smudge marks over time.
  • Don’t take a certified coin out of its slab: Grading services like PCGS and NGC seal coins in tamper-evident slabs to protect them and certify their authenticity and condition. Once the seal is broken, the certification is lost and the value of the coin is reduced.
  • Don’t try to authenticate a product yourself: We’ve seen coins, rounds and bars lose value when people drill into or pour chemicals on them. Always ask a professional to help you authenticate. Or better yet, buy from a reputable dealer whose products need no authentication.
  • Don’t clean your coins: Improper cleaning can turn a rare, valuable coin into a $25 Silver ingot. Collectors prefer coins that show the deep coloration of age over those whose surfaces have been stripped away.
  • Don’t swim wearing Gold jewelry: Chlorine breaks down the alloys in 14K and 18K Gold jewelry, weakening prongs and ring shanks. Chlorine bleach can destroy 14K Gold in 24 hours. The 24K Gold found in most APMEX products is impervious to almost every chemical, but is generally too soft and pliable for everyday jewelry.

Do you have any ideas for protecting your Gold and Silver? Share them in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “5 things you never want to do with Gold and Silver.

  1. I had all my gold coins buried in cans out by the old oak tree, over 1400 of them… now there gone!

  2. cast silver & gold into things like cribbage pegs, and cabinet pulls, a set of wrenches you wont use as tools but no thief would ever think of stealing. hide in plain sight.

    stash coins in somthing dumb like a wall wart phone charger… replace wall and switch outlet with silver plates all painted, stash quarters inside flashlights thief’s bring there own! LOL

    what can you think of? build a tool shed for the motorcycle, add un necesary timbers that look like they belong, hollow them out to stash things (like silver and gold bars)..

    or how about copper plated 3.1G silver pennies that say COPY on them!
    no thief would steal fake pennies.

    hide 40-50 silver dollars underneath the mailbox (cut in slots to the support plate) the government wont even think of looking there. and you can pull the whole box and plate off the post without suspission when they are kicking you out of your house… no one will wonder what the crazy guy is doing ! LOL

    no one will wonder why a dead car battery lying about is so heavy.

    • The government won’t look but the neighbors will the next time the plow hits your mailbox and silver and gold coins get sprayed everywhere! This is a common occurrence in our neck of the woods. 🙂 Good ideas though!

  3. yah, don’t use them as gambling chips! and don’t carry them around loose in your pocket, (they get dented up)

  4. I like to use the (Adventure Survival Box by BestGlide) $13.34…. can be found at adventure survival equipment.com. its tip top and water proof.

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