Top 4 Ways Precious Metals Can Diversify Your Portfolio

box of crayonsWhat does a box of crayons and your portfolio have in common? The answer: A need for diversification.

Many financial advisers encourage their clients to diversify. However, their idea of diversification likely means buying different types of stocks and perhaps some mutual funds or bonds. A keen investor will look beyond those options a little further and considers diversifying their portfolio with Precious Metals. How do these materials round out your investments? While the exact reasoning will differ from person to person, here are 4 common ways Precious Metals can add depth to your investment portfolio.

  1. You hold them yourself – You will have your Gold, Silver or other metals in your own possession. That means you are not relying on a bank to keep up with them for you. While banks are generally very safe, it can be nice to have a backup plan.
  2. Precious Metals are finite – There is only a certain amount of Gold, Silver and Platinum on the earth. That assures when prices may rise and fall in the short term, in the long-term prices will stabilize and it will keep its purchasing power.
  3. Prices move independent of stocks and bonds – In a slight economic downturn, if your stock and bond investments move downward, it could be possible that the Gold, Silver and other metals you own would remain stable or even rise. This creates a balance and can help you or your family move past a difficult financial situation without suffering.
  4. Precious Metals remain desirable – If organized financial markets suffered setbacks or even collapse, Precious Metals would be a valuable bartering tool. This makes them much different than stocks or bonds that could become worthless.

Look at the facts and decide for yourself if adding Precious Metals to your investments will make your overall financial picture stronger. While stocks and bonds are relatively modern creations, humans have treasured Precious Metals for centuries. To learn more about Precious Metals or to look at your investment options visit or call 1-800-595-2164.