Product Spotlight – Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leaf

SML frontThe Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leaf is one of the most beautiful and recognized coins in the world. Let’s take a closer look to see what makes this coin so special.

Stats: Introduced in 1988, this annually issued coin is a favorite among collectors and investors. The Silver Maple contains .9999 fine Silver, standard with Royal Canadian Mint bullion products, where the majority of Silver coins around the world hold their fineness at .999 fine. Silver Maple mint tubes contain 25 coins per tube, compared to just 20 packaged in Silver American Eagle mint tubes. The Silver Maple Leaf coin is also considered a sovereign coin, meaning its value is backed by the Canadian government.

Design: Boasting the same design since its debut, the Silver Maple features the classic profile of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, along with the year anSML backd face value. The reverse prominently displays the iconic single Canadian maple leaf with the coin’s weight and purity. In recent years, the Royal Canadian Mint has added a micro-engraved maple leaf privy mark that shows a number corresponding to the mint year that is visible when viewed under magnification. Silver Maple Leafs now also feature a radial background design to deter counterfeiters and further guarantee the coin’s impressive .9999 purity.

Special Releases: The Canadian Silver Maple has several special edition coins. A favorite among many are the six anniversary coins, including the popular 2013 25th Anniversary Coin. Other special releases include privy marked Silver Maples such as the . The Zodiac series are also popular releases, from the 1998 Year of the Tiger to the 2009 Year of the Ox and everything in between.

The Silver Maple Leaf is considered one of the most beautiful bullion coins in the world, offering a perfect blend of collectible beauty and investment appeal. For questions about this coin or Precious Metals investments, call APMEX at 800.375.9006 and talk to a customer service representative or visit us at