Make Coin Collecting Fun with Products like These

If you think about coin collecting, you might imagine it being a rather stuffy hobby. However, collecting coins today does not have to be the “same-old, same-old” anymore. While collecting classic or traditional coins is still popular, there are a number of new options that are fun— in addition to being a good investment. Check out some of the fun and fascinating new products on the market today that would make a great addition or beginning to your Precious Metals collection.butterfly

  • 3D Coins – Traditional coins can sometimes be seen as dull and boring, especially to a younger audience. However, 3D coins are far from that! The Central African butterfly coins are a standard Silver coin that utilizes a special 3D technique. They appear to have a butterfly sitting directly on the coin, ready to take off in flight. It’s a delight to see something so unique on a coin, making it a fun addition to a collection.
  • Super Hero Coins – Available individually or in a proof set, these Silver coins include the likeness of Thor, Ironman, Captain America and The Incredible SpidermanHulk. In addition to being a whole lot of fun and a neat collection piece for the young investor, they are made and created in small quantities — assuring they will retain their value for years to come. Not to be outdone, there are other superhero coins available from too. Spiderman and Batman are two of the popular characters who have been memorialized in coin form.


  • Cartoon Coins – Other options may be more to your liking. What about a Silver coin, featuring cartoon characters Tom and Jerry? Or maybe your favorite Disney characters? Both groups have been delighting audiences for decades and now there’s a way to enjoy and collect them!
  • Keep it Classic – Maybe you just want to start a tradition collection? Going with the popular Silver Eagle or Gold Maple Leaf coins are always a great option. Graded coins are also a very popular addition to a collection. Don’t forget that Precious Metals also come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can also add some variety to your collection.

As you can see coin and Precious Metals collecting can be a fun hobby that appeals to many, perhaps even yourself. Check out some of the other interesting and unusual designs available from APMEX today!