MintDirect Tamper-Evident Packaging. Only from APMEX.

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If you’re one of the many APMEX customers who have enjoyed purchasing MintDirect® Tubes over the years you may be excited to hear of the newest APMEX product, MintDirect® Singles in tamper-evident packaging (TEP). Direct from the mint, these products make their way to APMEX where they are placed immediately into a sealed case.

Like the MintDirect® tubes, MintDirect® singles come in Silver and Gold products like the Gold and Silver 1 oz American Eagle coins and the Gold and Silver 1 oz Canadian Maple coins.


Each single MintDirect® coin includes an authentication card identifying the coin inside, ensuring the coin comes directly from the mint to you and giving you peace of mind for the lifetime of your investment.


The MintDirect® process guarantees your coins have come directly from the mint. Once opened, each coin is immediately sealed, preserving your coin’s condition exactly as it was when it left the mint.


The MintDirect® process protects and guarantees the condition of your coin indefinitely in a nonreactive plastic polymer case, double sealed with radio frequency welding.

Follow the life of a MintDirect® coin as it journeys from the mint to APMEX and finally into your hands. Each coin is handled with utmost care and sealed within a protective polymer authentication card that will guarantee your investment indefinitely. Watch the MintDirect® process direct from the mint to you — only available at APMEX. Learn more about MintDirect® from APMEX.