Top 5 Reasons the Hammerhead Shark is the Coin for You!


This week, APMEX released the 1/2 oz Silver Hammerhead Shark as the latest APMEXclusive® coin in the Shark Series from The Perth Mint, located in Australia. But what is so special about this coin and why should it be considered for your collection?

  • It has a low mintage – The Great Hammerhead Shark Coin has a mintage of only 300,000. Other bullion coins have much larger mintages with some having unlimited quantities. Bullion items are mostly purchased for their metal content; however, bullion coins with a small mintage also carry a numismatic appeal. This means they have a high likelihood of becoming more of a collector’s item in the future, making them more than “just” a bullion coin valued for the metal.
  • It is part of a series – Being part of a series allows the Hammerhead Shark Coin to be a part of something greater than itself. Though beautiful on its own, a coin in a series as unique as the shark series will garner more value over the years. However, the key to a series is to get all of the pieces. With this coin being just the second in the series, adding the first release, the Great White Shark Coin, to any purchase is an easy way to own the complete set thus far.
  • It has great entry point pricing – The Great Hammerhead Shark Coin is a unique 1/2 oz size. This provides consumers the opportunity to purchase at a lower price point due to its Precious Metal weight. The pricing also allows purchasers to order more of than they normally may have.Hammerhead_APMEXclusive-Press
  • It is a sovereign coin from the Perth Mint – This coin holds a $0.50 Australian face value, giving it a sovereign edge over other products. A sovereign coin is backed by a government, in this case Australia, and holds a face value as a form of currency. Sovereign coins can also have a substantial numismatic value. These coins offer a small investment cushion: they’ll never lose their base currency value while also having potential to gain numismatic value.
  • It is unique and special – The 1/2 oz Silver Great Hammerhead Shark coin is .999 fine Silver. Its unique design features one of the most recognizable sea creatures. With its graceful and powerful appearance, the great hammerhead shark really comes to life in its natural habitat swimming in the sea. Sharks are such majestic creatures yet much is still not known about them. All this is what makes this coin and this series so special.

The Great Hammerhead Shark coin is a nice addition to any collection. If you need more information about this coin or others, visit or call (800) 375-9006.