Top Places To Gain Insight Into Precious Metals

Precious Metals, notably Gold, Silver and Patinum, have been sought by humans since antiquity. Not only have they been used as a store of monetary value, but as investments to secure personal wealth. That practice, of course, continues to this day.

The key to successfully investing in Precious Metals in the 21st century is knowledge. As with any investment or business venture, the more you know, the better you are able to assess risk and make informed decisions. Thanks to the Internet, there are several sources from which you can gain insight into Precious Metals. Here are ten of the top resources.

Bloomberg Business

One of the leading resources for business and financial news, Bloomberg offers a user-friendly Precious Metals price index covering several international markets. It includes Gold, Silver, and Platinum, as well as Copper, zinc, and tin. Users can click on each market for a detailed price history.


Covering all kinds of commodities including oil, CNBC’s Precious Metals and Mining section also provides the latest news stories on Gold, Silver, Platinum, and other Precious Metals.

 Fox Business News

Like its rival CNBC, Fox Business also presents the latest news on Precious Metals. Unlike CNBC, Fox Business coverage deals more with how Precious Metals affect world markets overall, with some investment related news included.

Wall Street Journal

The acknowledged leader in business and financial news, The Wall Street Journal, of course, is a great resource for the latest news about Precious Metals around the world. The one drawback is most of the publication’s stories are behind a paywall, meaning you have to subscribe to see the content.


This web-based resource for all things financial offers up-to-date articles about Precious Metals. Many of these articles deal with funds that invest in Precious Metals. Another great feature is the glossary of terms that help novices get a handle on the terminology used when discussing these commodities.

Investing News Network

As the name implies, this website covers the entire spectrum of investing but has specific sections devoted to Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. Each can be accessed from the Resources Investing tab on the home page’s navigation bar.

Gold Newswire

Gold newswire not only covers Gold but Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. It is essentially an aggregator, collecting news on Precious Metals from other places on the web. It features separate sections for news and analysis.

Reddit Silverbugs and other Precious Metals Forums.

On Reddit’s Silverbugs and Bullion forums, investors can swap information, investing experiences and tips. Silverbugs covers all kinds of Precious Metals and features a wiki to help newcomers get up to speed. Bullion is divided into sub-forums covering individual Precious Metals as well as things like real estate and jewelry. As it is a forum, it asks that those posting not solicit or offer specific investment advice.


Of course APMEX knows a thing or two about Precious Metals, having been in business for over 15 years. APMEX has several different options when it comes to providing information about Precious Metals.

  • Daily Market Reports: APMEX writes a daily report describing what is going on in the market that day. We link to helpful articles within the report to give you the most information possible.
  • Education Center: A resource to help you determine where to start and what you want to invest in. We know that being a new investor can be daunting, we try and simplify the decision making process.
  • The APMEX Precious Metals Guide – an easy to read digital booklet about Precious Metals investing.

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