Whether you are holding onto your Precious Metals for a while or you need to quickly liquidate your assets, you should know your options when the time comes to sell. Your situation will most likely dictate your decision, but it is important to understand the available options.

3. If you want to avoid costly shipping (and your products are stored in a vault)…

… Consult your vault manager.

Shipping Precious Metals is expensive. Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium are heavy and shipping them requires insurance.

If you’ve kept your Precious Metals in a secure vault, it’s likely the facility is holding investments for many dealers in your area or abroad. These storage neighbors are potential buyers. Tell your vault manager that you’re looking to sell. If someone in your vault is interested in buying, your manager simply has to transfer the title of Precious Metals to the buyer.

Pros: Avoid expensive shipping costs.

Cons: At the mercy of someone else. Only applies if you’ve stored in a vault.

If you’re not storing your Precious Metals in a vault but want to avoid shipping, option two works for you.

2. If you need cash today…

… Look to local bullion dealers, coin shops, pawnshops and jewelry stores.

Emergencies happen. When you’re in need of fast cash, local dealers might be your best option for getting money on the spot. The United States Mint website has a directory of bullion dealers. Although the Mint does not endorse these dealers, it’s a good place to see what’s near you.

Beware: you may receive a below-value price, especially if there are a limited number of dealers in your town. Pawnshops and jewelry stores likely won’t know the true value of your items, either. It’s dangerous to carry around Precious Metals and risk losing your investment, so call around for best prices before driving around town.

Pros: Get cash quickly. Able to avoid expensive shipping costs.

Cons: Less likely to receive full value. Dangerous. Time consuming.

  1. If you want the best deal…

… Go online for expert evaluations and top returns.

When the investment you’re holding is pure precious metal, you know it’s worth a little effort to get top dollar. After all, that’s why you invested in the first place. Fortunately the Internet makes this easier than ever.

Online retailers can make offers based on real-time market values, locking in your price immediately. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

Just like with local dealers, you’ll want to shop around for the best prices online. Unfortunately there are a lot of scam and fraudulent companies to avoid, so you’ll also need to research each company’s ratings and reviews.

Once you’ve found a dealer you can trust, like APMEX, you can securely ship your Precious Metals through USPS Registered Mail. The dealer will then verify your items and issue payment. APMEX releases payment in 1-3 business days, making it nearly as fast as the selling options above.

Pros: Best return on investment. Easier to shop prices. Can be paid quickly if you choose the right dealer.

Cons: May encounter expensive shipping costs. Must be vigilant against fraudulent dealers.

When you consider APMEX’s 5/5 star rating from the Better Business Bureau, posted buy prices all over the website and fast payment, it’s easily the best place to sell, no matter your situation.