Top Three Ways to Stack Silver

Whether you are a beginner looking to get into Silver stacking or you are more experienced and looking for ways to diversify your horde, APMEX has a variety of Silver pieces to tempt even a conservative stacker.

“Junk” Silver

“Junk” Silver refers to coins with 90% Silver content that have no real collectible value above their bullion price. While “junk” is generally pejorative, in this case it is merely an insiders’ term. Not only are these coins often still beautiful to look at, they are part of our history and can be very enjoyable to acquire. Most importantly, “junk” coins represent an affordable entrée into Silver stacking. Even a tiny outlay can allow a Silver enthusiast to become a Silver investor.

Collectible Coins

Numismatic coins, or coins that have value as collectibles, represent another type of desirable Silver to stack. For example, there are rare Walking Liberty Half Dollars worth thousands of dollars based on their year and mintage, while there are also generic Walking Liberty Half Dollars accessible to a beginning collector. Accumulating coins of this type can be a good investment, but it requires greater knowledge of coins and the collectibles market, as well as patience, to see a large return. However, purchasing collectible coins can certainly be a rewarding and enjoyable part of building your Silver stack.


Bullion refers to Precious Metals in any bulk form valued by weight. These items represent a low premium-over-spot way to build your Silver stack. The most popular Silver bullion item in the U.S. is the Silver American Eagle bullion coin, which is backed by the U.S. Mint for weight and purity, but there are many options for building your stack with bullion. There are even some attractive bullion novelties available. While these might be a risky purchase from an unknown source, by dealing with a reputable company like APMEX, you can confidently add conversation pieces to your growing Silver stack.

Whatever your favorite item for stacking, remember that experts tell us to diversify investments, so seek to create a balanced variety in your stack. Exploring new areas of collecting and different ways to build your Silver stack will ensure you have a valuable Silver portfolio in the future.