Precious Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are here, and with it we hope comes cheer and love. Finding ways to show our friends and family that we care is one of the best parts of remembering the past year and looking forward to the future.

Another great part is finding a thoughtful gift that fits your budget. Fortunately, having a Precious Metals enthusiast in your life doesn’t mean you have to shell out thousands of dollars for the perfect item. APMEX has several gift options that allow you to give more than one perfect, “I know what you love” gift. The best way to look at gifts of the Gold and Silver variety is through the APMEX Holiday Gift Guide. This guide beautifully displays products to make your gift buying task easier. Check out some other gift ideas below.

 Caring for a coin collector?

 magnifiers and loupes Magnifiers/Loupes

Help your collector see every magnificent detail with a selection of magnifiers and loupes.


 red book 2016 Red Book of United States Coins

This one-volume library features full-color photographs and covers the history and value of coins throughout American history.


 coin gauge Coin Gauge/Caliper

If your collector is always on the lookout for rare coins, a pocket gauge is perfect for coin shows, local coin shops and serendipitous street finds.


 coin album Coin Albums

Collecting coins takes patience and vast knowledge. Let your collector show it off in one place with an album that can protect, store and organize their favorite finds.


 coin holder Holiday Coin Holders Holiday coins or rounds look great on the tree. Set your collector up to safely show off Gold or Silver items with ornament capsules so everyone can enjoy the beauty of Precious Metals!



Shopping for a Silver lover?

 guide American Silver Eagles, A guide to the U.S. Bullion Coin Program

This inside scoop from the U.S. Mint’s engraving staff offers detailed information about America’s most popular coin, the American Silver Eagle.


 money bag Cloth Money Bags

Metals are heavy! Support your investor by gifting strong and durable money bags to store Precious Metals.


 eagle set 29-Coin Proof Silver American Eagle Set

This stunning collection of all Proof Silver Eagles in the series, 1986-2015, is encapsulated in near-perfect Proof-69 condition by PCGS.


 silver snowflake Silver Snowflake

Intricately detailed, this hexagonal snowflake containing .999 fine Silver is a beautiful token of the wintry holiday season.

 coin dip Coin Dip

Coin cleaner is a must-have for Silver lovers. Fill a stocking with our favorite dip and see your Silver investor beam like a bright new coin!


Gifting a Gold investor?

 A guide to the us bullion coin American Gold & Platinum, A Guide to the U.S. Bullion Coin Programs

Just released! The U.S. Mint’s 38th Director Edmund Moy brings together diverse elements to explore Precious Metals Americana.


 cotton gloves Cotton Gloves

Investments you can hold need to be handled with care. The gift of gloves lets your investor feel the weight of their investment without soiling it with fingerprints.


 Gold 100 Francs Gold 100 Francs Merry Christmas Coin

This 2015 Christmas edition coin is perfect for your jolly Gold lover. Its limited mintage makes it a one-of-a-kind gift.


 Bar Bezel Bar Bezels

Bar designs can be true masterpieces, so why not wear them? Our assortment of 14-karat Gold bezels securely hold bars to create beautiful pieces of jewelry.


 clearance item Rare Gold finds

Don’t let your investor miss a great Gold find. Check out our list of specials and clearance items to find Gold at amazing prices.