Considering Platinum? What You Need to Know

Platinum is the most precious of the Precious Metals. While all precious metals are recognized for their durability, scarcity and beauty, Platinum has, in its short time on the Precious Metals scene, become the proverbial belle of the ball. The benefits of Platinum include the following:

  •  Platinum is extremely durable. As the least reactive metal, Platinum is considered a noble metal, meaning it is remarkably resistant to corrosion, even at high temperatures, and is resistant to oxidation in moist air.
  • Platinum is famously rare. The common example that all the Platinum in the world can fit in the average-size American living room is entirely accurate!
  • Platinum is gorgeous. In just over 200 years, Platinum has become the ne plus ultra, or the ultimate, in luxurious jewelry.

Platinum is also vital to many necessary industrial applications. For example, catalytic converters in our cars require Platinum, making the automotive industry the largest Platinum consumer.

Experts estimate that 20% of everything we use either contains Platinum or requires Platinum in its production. It is quickly becoming a true necessity, making Platinum an excellent long-term investment.

Why Make Platinum Your Next Purchase?

 For the established Precious Metals investor, there is no better time to branch into Platinum investing. Platinum has long been referred to as “rich man’s Gold” because it has historically traded at a higher price. Only the wealthiest investors went into Platinum.

Recently, due to upsets in the mining and automotive industries, the price of Platinum has fallen below that of Gold. While this is not unprecedented, it is rare. Now is truly the time to get on board with Platinum.

Platinum experts say that if you hold on to your Platinum investment long term — which is the best plan for any investment — you can see a good return. The rebound of Platinum prices is expected, and certain to be strong. Now may be the time to add Platinum to your investment portfolio.

How To Buy Platinum

Whether your interest lies in bars or coins, there are remarkable values available now.

APMEX is currently stocking a 1 oz Platinum Bar by Valcambi, offering the attraction of a historic Swiss refiner and the security of being packaged in assay. For investors preferring coin presentations, the 2015 Canada 1 oz Platinum Maple Leaf is a true must-see. Beautiful, featuring an iconic design, the Platinum Maple Leaf would make an outstanding first foray into Platinum.

These opportunities in Platinum extend to smaller investors, too. Those who would like a piece of Platinum but see it as prohibitively expensive may be pleasantly surprised at the exceptional values available, such as the stunning 1/2 oz PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar. Besides the lower price point that may appeal to a new Platinum investor, the 1/2 oz PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar comes in assay for that extra piece of mind tamper-evident packaging offers newcomers to the Platinum market.

For the Gold investor looking for something exciting and new, there may be no better moment to branch out and choose Platinum over Gold.