New release from the Royal Canadian Mint


We’re expecting a big hit with the latest release of the Royal Canadian Mint’s 2016 3/4 oz Howling Wolves coin.

The .9999 fine Silver coin is hauntingly beautiful, depicting two thick-coated grey wolves raising their own song from the hillside, under a bright moon and clear sky.

Wolves are known to welcome their pack and warn their enemies with a chorus of howls that carry for miles across their territory. The bone-chilling sound of modulated pitches echo and scatter across trees, ridges, and cliffs to surprising and bolstering effect.

The coin is the mint’s second tribute to the Great White North’s legendary hunter. Unique security features (including precise radial lines and micro-engraved lasered maple leaf) ensure that the coin is as sophisticated as it is radiant.

As an APMEXclusive®, the coin is minted on an incremental basis. A specific mintage cannot be determined, but as a comparison, the mint’s Wildlife Series and Bird of Prey Series each have a mintage of 1 million coins.