Decisions, Decisions: Narrowing Down the Options to Select the Right Precious Metal Product for You

If you’re new to Precious Metals, we understand you might have difficulty looking at the veritable smorgasbord of interesting items on Let’s talk about how you can narrow down the many options and select the Precious Metal product that’s right for you.


Identify Your Goals

The first step in selecting the right Precious Metal products is to honestly assess your goals in collecting Precious Metals. Are you strictly investing for the future and intend to hold on to your Precious Metal investment indefinitely? A large Silver bar may be just what you’re looking for. The 100 oz APMEX Silver Bar, for example, is a great way to own more .999 fine Silver in fewer physical pieces. Also, this particular bar has an innovative building-block design to make them stack securely in the most satisfying way.

Conversely, if your goal in Precious Metal investment is more like a savings plan, meaning you want to hold on to your Precious Metal but enjoy having something to liquidate in case of an emergency, smaller, easily negotiable pieces are probably for you. The gorgeous PAMP Suisse Gold bars are available as small as a single gram, for example. Liquidating a small portion of your Precious Metals investment in case of an emergency is much easier when you own many smaller items.

Identify Your Preference

Your preferred form of Precious Metals is wholly personal. Perhaps your very first Precious Metal purchase was a popular Silver American Eagle and the thrill of collecting sovereign coins has never left you. You can absolutely build a strong investment portfolio in coins.

On the other hand, perhaps you had to work up to buying bars and now love looking at your hand-poured ingots just to feel rich. There is no wrong answer! Whether you most enjoy sovereign coins, bullion bars or rounds, or novelties, it is entirely personal and up to you. APMEX carries items of all types fitting for any Precious Metals buyer.

Identify Your Budget

Whatever your monthly or yearly investment budget is, APMEX has items for you. If you wish to make a smaller monthly contribution to your Precious Metals investment portfolio, you can make a purchase as modest as a single Silver Maple Leaf. The important thing is you are investing in your future, even if you need to build your portfolio slowly.

Alternatively, a more seasoned investor may plan on putting $2,000 into Precious Metals this year. They could make a single purchase of a couple of Gold Oriana Bars for an IRA account and not think about their Precious Metals portfolio for a few months.

Huge Selection

APMEX is extremely proud of the huge selection of Precious Metals products we have to offer. It is our pleasure to speak to the desires and interests of each of our customers. Narrowing down the many choices of Precious Metals products to choose what is right for you does not need to be daunting. Remember that your needs will change, your purchasing power will fluctuate and your tastes may shift. Concentrate on your goals, your preferences and your budget to choose what is right for you, right now.

Additional Resources

We recommend the following resources to help guide your decision:

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