Adding Copper to Your Precious Metals Collection

Copper at APMEX?

While Copper is not a true Precious Metal, many people still wish to include it in their collections due to its beauty and historical significance in coinage. APMEX is eager to meet all the needs of our valued customers, so we carry an array of Copper products sure to interest any collector. If you have only looked to acquire Gold and Silver, you may wonder what value Copper can add to your collection. Let’s explore what Copper can offer you.

Rich Beauty

500 gram Geiger Copper

Copper is famously beautiful, its lustrous color shining up in warm tones of orange, pink and red. Used in currency, jewelry, weaponry, decorative arts and now home décor, Copper has been recognized and valued for its loveliness for thousands of years. A serious Precious Metals collector may simply wish to include a sample of this gorgeous metal in their horde. In the same way a geologist would want to have examples of as many minerals as possible, you may want to have examples of all the most important metals. A large sample of Copper, such as this 500 gram Copper Bar by Geiger, shows off the color and luster of the metal and is satisfying to own.

Iconic Artwork

Copper Buffalo Rounds

Part of APMEX’s pleasure in offering Copper for sale is the Copper rounds featuring truly iconic coin artwork. While a Gold Buffalo coin in fine condition might be out of your price range, you can enjoy a stunning rendition of James Earle Fraser’s 1913 Buffalo Nickel design in Copper at a fraction of the price. These Copper rounds are truly a design within reach, bringing beloved coin art to everyone.

Value Pricing

Copper prices are currently very low. This is great news for collectors as the value is sure to increase, but there are other perks as well. Perhaps you would like a larger item in your collection but haven’t yet been able to purchase something truly sizable. Copper could be your entrée into big bars.

Copper Mercury Dime

Perhaps you want to interest your child in Precious Metals collecting but hesitate to hand over extremely valuable coins to a small child. Copper rounds might be the perfect item to use in teaching responsible collecting practices. For example, this 1/4 oz Copper Round Mercury Dime features a version of the striking Mercury Dime artwork in glowing Copper and would delight any young person learning about collecting.

There are many reasons to include Copper in your Precious Metals collection. Its beauty, its ability to introduce iconic artwork to your collection and its extremely good value are just a few ways Copper can benefit your collection today.