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Dream Building: Precious Metals Acquisition

Part of being a Precious Metals collector or investor is constantly planning your next purchase. Some of that planning is pure business — deciding where to put your money is responsible and necessary — but some of it is all about the fun of selecting and acquiring. Precious Metal acquisition allows you to invest in your future while experiencing the joy of collecting. Like an angler with a reel, you always see a big “get” on the horizon; a dream purchase you are determined to make. While it may seem silly to daydream about bars of Silver or Monnaie de Paris commemoratives, dreams make us strive toward our goals. APMEX is her to help you build your dream and plan how to bring it to fruition!

For Silver Stackers

100 oz JM Silver Bar
A young stacker building toward a large bar purchase might look at this tempting 100 oz Silver Bar by Johnson Matthey. Beautiful and decidedly rich-looking, this Silver bar is an attainable dream. The solid 100 oz Silver content makes it easy to add more .999 fine Silver to your holdings with one simply purchase.


For the Royal Watcher

Christening of Prince George

To commemorate the Christening of Prince George of Cambridge, the Royal Mint struck a one kilo coin, only the fourth in its thousand-year history. Featuring opulent artwork and a tasteful portrait of Her Majesty, this coin would be a dream acquisition for any Silver collector who also enjoys following the majestic continuity of the royal family.

For the Platinum Buyer

10 oz PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar

Breaking in to Platinum collecting can be intimidating. It is “the rich man’s Gold” after all. But anyone who buys a bit is sure to want more. A large Platinum item makes you feel that you have arrived as an investor or collector. To that end, look to the stunning 10 oz Platinum Bar by PAMP Suisse. Featuring the alluring Fortuna design, this Platinum bullion is both an objet d’art and a solid investment item, as this bar is eligible for inclusion in your Precious Metals IRA.

For Those Who Want a U.S. Mint Coin

2015 High Relief American Liberty

This 2015 High Relief American Liberty in Gold is both strikingly pretty and an important U.S. Mint issue. Appealing to collectors and investors of all stripes, this coin depicts Lady Liberty as rendered by Justin Kunz and is the highest denomination ever issued on a U.S. Mint Gold coin. For a Gold investor or a coin enthusiast, there is no greater “get” than a coin of this caliber.

For the One Who Seeks Luxury

Monnaie de Paris and Sevres
The Excellence Series by Monnaie de Paris is unparalleled in its exquisite luxury. The 2015 pairing of Monnaie de Paris and Sèvres porcelain wrought one of the most bewitching coins on the market today. With an exclusive mintage of just 1,000 coins, this item is one of those extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime coins that must be appreciated in close proximity.

For the Big Time

2015 kilo Gold Lunar Goat

Are you ready to make the leap into serious investing? Are you ready for a kilo of Gold? The Perth Mint’s Lunar Series includes the 2015 1 kilo Gold Lunar Year of the Goat, which might be the right step for you to take into major Gold investing. Exquisite goat artwork and a tasteful profile of the Queen make this coin charming to look at, while the one-kilo heft tells you that you have made it as an investor or collector.


Whatever your dream for your collection, whatever your investing goal, APMEX has a product to inspire you! Build your dream and plan your future with Precious Metals.

APMEX Announces Arrival of 2016 Silver Eagles, Becomes First Retailer to Ship


APMEX_5As the first retailer to ship the U.S. Mint’s 2016 American Silver Eagles, APMEX is pleased to announce the product line is in stock and shipping immediately. APMEX buys directly from the U.S. Mint, unlike many other retailers, and for this reason is able to provide MintDirect® 2016 Silver Eagles. This latest release marks the 30th anniversary of the American Eagle bullion program.APMEX_4

In order to accomplish the great undertaking of being the first retailer to ship 2016 Silver Eagles, APMEX employees gave up their Saturday and worked overtime to get all pre-sales out the door. “Interest continues to be at an all-time high as our pre-sale volume demonstrated,” APMEX CEO Ken Lewis said.

In 2015, the Silver American Eagles set another annual sales record. The demand hasn’t stopped there, as 2016 is already off to another record-setting year. The U.S. Mint has already recorded 3,500,000 Silver Eagles sold in 2016. Gold American Eagles have also seen high demand, with the U.S. Mint already selling 72,000 ounces of Gold American Eagles through the 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz options.

The other factor driving demand for this American Eagle release is the date. Since 2016 marks the 30th year of production for this ever-popular coin series, American Eagles have turned into one of the go-to options for a majority of Precious Metals investors.

“We are excited for the 2016 American Eagle launch. We are happy our direct relationship with the U.S. Mint allows us to get these coins into our customers’ hands first and at a reasonable price,” Lewis said.

All American Eagle coins are backed by the U.S. government, giving them strong appeal with Precious Metals investors because of their premium appreciation. As another year comes and goes, past coins in this series will continue to appreciate in value.

Scottsdale Mint Debuts First Coin in New Biblical Coin Series

The first installment of the Scottsdale Mint’s second Silver Biblical Coin Series, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, is now available at APMEX.Daniel in the lions den

The coin’s reverse is inspired by Daniel chapter 6, as depicted in Gustave Doré’s 1860s wood engraving, “Daniel in the Den of Lions.” The coin shows the miracle of Daniel, who survived a night in the lion’s den after he was arrested for praying. According to Scripture, an angel held the lion’s mouths closed and kept Daniel safe until morning. The fearsome scene is cast in 2 oz of .999 fine Silver, antiqued, brushed and distressed.

With a limited mintage of 1,499 each, the series is a unique collection with high numismatic value. Each coin comes with a certificate of authenticity featuring its minting specifications and a unique serial number that matches the laser-etched number on the coin. The Scottsdale Mint issues the coin by the authority of the island of Niue, where it is legal tender.

Coin with a Cause
A portion of proceeds from purchases of this series will support a faith-based human rights organization, the International Justice Mission (IJM). The non-profit operates all over the world to combat human trafficking. IJM conducts professional investigations of abuse allegations and provides relief and intervention for victims. For more information, visit www.IJM.org.

Daniel set

The Golden Years: How to Use Precious Metals as Part of Your Retirement Plan

Physical Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium represent real wealth to many people, and owning Precious Metals products gives them the security they desire. If you are reading this, you are likely among those who feel that Precious Metals investment is an important part of protecting and growing your wealth. But what about the most important investment portfolio: your retirement portfolio?

Have you made a specific plan to include Precious Metals investments in your retirement? If this is one of those things you “haven’t gotten around to,” APMEX is here to help. Including Precious Metals in your retirement planning is simple with a Precious Metals IRA and APMEX makes it easy to begin.

Why Precious Metals?

All the advantages of Precious Metals investing extend to a Precious Metals IRA. Physical Gold and Silver are excellent hedges against inflation, maintaining the same relative buying power to price per ounce over time. Additionally, since Precious Metal prices tend to move independently of the stock market, they can provide a bright spot among your investments in the event of an economic downturn. Further, diversification is key to building a strong portfolio. A great diversification plan cannot depend on stocks and bonds alone, and Precious Metals can provide the balance and diversity you want.


What Percentage of My Portfolio?

While exactly how much of your overall retirement investments goes into Precious Metals is a very personal choice, there are some general rules of thumb for you to consider.

  • A conservative Precious Metals investor will have less than 5 percent of their overall retirement investments in Precious Metals. This may not be enough to provide balance to one’s portfolio, but will provide some benefits.
  • A diversified Precious Metals investor may have up to 10 percent of their overall retirement in Precious Metals. They believe in careful diversification and balance and know that the stock market alone cannot provide it.
  • An aggressive Precious Metals investor may have up to 15 percent of their total retirement plan in Precious Metals. These investors believe fiat currency is problematic and want commodities as a hedge against collapse.

You will want to examine your motives for investing in a Precious Metals IRA to determine what percentage is right for you.

How to Get Started

Getting started with a Precious Metals IRA is simple. Essentially, there are three steps between you and owning a Precious Metals IRA.

  1. Open a Custodian Account. The IRS requires that IRA Precious Metals be kept in a custodian account. If you have a custodian, APMEX will happily work with them. If you need a custodian, you can call APMEX at (800) 418-0235 for help selecting one.
  1. Fund the Account. Once you have a Custodian Account, you can fund it with cash or roll over an existing IRA or former employer 401(k). Once again, APMEX has IRA specialists ready to assist you.
  1. Purchase Approved Products. As soon as your account is funded, call APMEX to select among the many available IRA-approved products.

There will be a bit of paperwork but APMEX can assist you every step of the way, making starting a Precious Metals IRA simple and hassle-free.

IRA Approved Products

iraNow for the fun part! Selecting Precious Metals items for your Precious Metals IRA can be an exhilarating part of Precious Metals investing. APMEX has many IRA-approved products, from the perennially popular American Gold Eagle to the always-elegant Gold Austrian Philharmonic. For those looking to include Silver in a Precious Metals IRA, AMPEX carries the well-known Canadian Silver Maple Leaf as well as heftier items such as a 10 oz Silver Bar by APMEX.

Adding Platinum and Palladium to your IRA is easy with APMEX, too, as IRA-approved products are all clearly labeled. This gorgeous PAMP Suisse 1 oz Platinum Bar is eligible, as are the Canadian Palladium Maple Leafs.

Knowing why and how to use Precious Metals as part of your retirement plan, you can see how important it is to get started with a Precious Metals IRA today, as well as how easily you can begin. Help secure your future with Precious Metals.



Decisions, Decisions: Narrowing Down the Options to Select the Right Precious Metal Product for You

If you’re new to Precious Metals, we understand you might have difficulty looking at the veritable smorgasbord of interesting items on APMEX.com. Let’s talk about how you can narrow down the many options and select the Precious Metal product that’s right for you.


Identify Your Goals

The first step in selecting the right Precious Metal products is to honestly assess your goals in collecting Precious Metals. Are you strictly investing for the future and intend to hold on to your Precious Metal investment indefinitely? A large Silver bar may be just what you’re looking for. The 100 oz APMEX Silver Bar, for example, is a great way to own more .999 fine Silver in fewer physical pieces. Also, this particular bar has an innovative building-block design to make them stack securely in the most satisfying way.

Conversely, if your goal in Precious Metal investment is more like a savings plan, meaning you want to hold on to your Precious Metal but enjoy having something to liquidate in case of an emergency, smaller, easily negotiable pieces are probably for you. The gorgeous PAMP Suisse Gold bars are available as small as a single gram, for example. Liquidating a small portion of your Precious Metals investment in case of an emergency is much easier when you own many smaller items.

Identify Your Preference

Your preferred form of Precious Metals is wholly personal. Perhaps your very first Precious Metal purchase was a popular Silver American Eagle and the thrill of collecting sovereign coins has never left you. You can absolutely build a strong investment portfolio in coins.

On the other hand, perhaps you had to work up to buying bars and now love looking at your hand-poured ingots just to feel rich. There is no wrong answer! Whether you most enjoy sovereign coins, bullion bars or rounds, or novelties, it is entirely personal and up to you. APMEX carries items of all types fitting for any Precious Metals buyer.

Identify Your Budget

Whatever your monthly or yearly investment budget is, APMEX has items for you. If you wish to make a smaller monthly contribution to your Precious Metals investment portfolio, you can make a purchase as modest as a single Silver Maple Leaf. The important thing is you are investing in your future, even if you need to build your portfolio slowly.

Alternatively, a more seasoned investor may plan on putting $2,000 into Precious Metals this year. They could make a single purchase of a couple of Gold Oriana Bars for an IRA account and not think about their Precious Metals portfolio for a few months.

Huge Selection

APMEX is extremely proud of the huge selection of Precious Metals products we have to offer. It is our pleasure to speak to the desires and interests of each of our customers. Narrowing down the many choices of Precious Metals products to choose what is right for you does not need to be daunting. Remember that your needs will change, your purchasing power will fluctuate and your tastes may shift. Concentrate on your goals, your preferences and your budget to choose what is right for you, right now.

Additional Resources

We recommend the following resources to help guide your decision:

If you would like to speak to our of our friendly and knowledgeable account representatives, contact us by calling (800) 395-9006 or email salesquestions@APMEX.com.

From Our Family to Yours…


The holiday season means so many different things to us all. For me, it’s a time when I reflect on the past year and count my blessings: A loving family, faithful friends and the opportunity to live my passion every day.

This year, APMEX celebrated our 15th anniversary and I could never have imagined we would be able to serve so many incredible people through this journey. I love seeing my dream, and the dream of our APMEX team, become a reality.

During this wonderful time of year, we are moved to show you, our customers, how much you mean to us. From funding a scholarship for young numismatists to feeding thousands in our community, we take our inspiration from you. Thank you for supporting us and helping us support others.

From our family to yours, with heartfelt appreciation, we thank you for your commitment to APMEX and wish you happiest of holidays.

Warm wishes,

Scott Thomas
President, APMEX


How to get your child interested in Precious Metals

Even the most avid Precious Metal investor may struggle to share their passion with the young people in their lives. Especially when something is as important as building financial security, children may eschew it as boring or complicated. Figuring out how to reach your child regarding the vital importance of planning for the future can be difficult.

SupermanGetting kids truly interested in the process and setting them on the right path may seem impossible. However, you can get your child interested in Precious Metals investing in a way that feels both fun and relevant to them. Let’s examine different strategies for getting your child interested in Precious Metals investing.


The Value of Money

One of our most essential duties as a parent is to teach our children the value of money. When we make sure they understand the importance of planning and saving, we are establishing their ability to flourish as adults. What we model for our kids matters.
When you teach your child the value of the proverbial dollar, show them the work that goes into earning and growing your money, and demonstrate sound investments by letting them know you buy physical Gold and physical Silver, you are setting the best possible example. Your child’s interest in Precious Metals investing will definitely be piqued just by knowing you engage in it and seeing your coins and bullion.

Creating Traditions

Children thrive on tradition. Knowing something will happen with regularity builds great security and content in a child’s world. You might consider building a tradition around a Gold or Silver coin. If your child knows every year there will be a new Gold American Eagle hanging on the holiday tree in an ornament capsule, it can generate great excitement and interest. Or perhaps birthdays are your family’s bigger gift-giving occasion. A yearly present of a U.S. Mint coin could build an interest in numismatic collecting.

A child who develops a passion for collecting will become a solid investor. Even a young person with a modest allowance could buy a beautiful Silver American Eagle, and their interest in collecting and investing will grow exponentially with each acquisition.

Appealing to Their Interests
If modeling sound investments and creating traditions around
Precious Metals investing do not seem to build interest in Precious Metals investing in your child, what else could pique their curiosity? Luckily, there is a way. Educators routinely advise parents to meet their children on their level. For example, if a child is struggling to read but loves superheroes, look for superhero books to entice your son or daughter into reading.

You can use this strategy to build interest about Precious WolfMetals investing in your child. If your child is passionate about wildlife, there are fascinating coins featuring amazing animals. Perhaps an adorable Chinese Silver Panda, a Howling Wolf, or a majestic Somalian Silver Elephant would captivate your child. The possibilities are endless! Something is sure to speak to your child’s existing interests, helping you build the bridge to Precious Metals investing.

Whether you choose one of these paths or a combination of strategies to interest your child in Precious Metals investing, you absolutely can accomplish this goal. Teaching our children the value of a dollar is one of a parent’s most sacred duties. Without that knowledge, they can never look forward to a secure financial future. Begin today getting your child interested in Precious Metals investing.