Precious Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are here, and with it we hope comes cheer and love. Finding ways to show our friends and family that we care is one of the best parts of remembering the past year and looking forward to the future.

Another great part is finding a thoughtful gift that fits your budget. Fortunately, having a Precious Metals enthusiast in your life doesn’t mean you have to shell out thousands of dollars for the perfect item. APMEX has several gift options that allow you to give more than one perfect, “I know what you love” gift. The best way to look at gifts of the Gold and Silver variety is through the APMEX Holiday Gift Guide. This guide beautifully displays products to make your gift buying task easier. Check out some other gift ideas below.

 Caring for a coin collector?

 magnifiers and loupes Magnifiers/Loupes

Help your collector see every magnificent detail with a selection of magnifiers and loupes.


 red book 2016 Red Book of United States Coins

This one-volume library features full-color photographs and covers the history and value of coins throughout American history.


 coin gauge Coin Gauge/Caliper

If your collector is always on the lookout for rare coins, a pocket gauge is perfect for coin shows, local coin shops and serendipitous street finds.


 coin album Coin Albums

Collecting coins takes patience and vast knowledge. Let your collector show it off in one place with an album that can protect, store and organize their favorite finds.


 coin holder Holiday Coin Holders Holiday coins or rounds look great on the tree. Set your collector up to safely show off Gold or Silver items with ornament capsules so everyone can enjoy the beauty of Precious Metals!



Shopping for a Silver lover?

 guide American Silver Eagles, A guide to the U.S. Bullion Coin Program

This inside scoop from the U.S. Mint’s engraving staff offers detailed information about America’s most popular coin, the American Silver Eagle.


 money bag Cloth Money Bags

Metals are heavy! Support your investor by gifting strong and durable money bags to store Precious Metals.


 eagle set 29-Coin Proof Silver American Eagle Set

This stunning collection of all Proof Silver Eagles in the series, 1986-2015, is encapsulated in near-perfect Proof-69 condition by PCGS.


 silver snowflake Silver Snowflake

Intricately detailed, this hexagonal snowflake containing .999 fine Silver is a beautiful token of the wintry holiday season.

 coin dip Coin Dip

Coin cleaner is a must-have for Silver lovers. Fill a stocking with our favorite dip and see your Silver investor beam like a bright new coin!


Gifting a Gold investor?

 A guide to the us bullion coin American Gold & Platinum, A Guide to the U.S. Bullion Coin Programs

Just released! The U.S. Mint’s 38th Director Edmund Moy brings together diverse elements to explore Precious Metals Americana.


 cotton gloves Cotton Gloves

Investments you can hold need to be handled with care. The gift of gloves lets your investor feel the weight of their investment without soiling it with fingerprints.


 Gold 100 Francs Gold 100 Francs Merry Christmas Coin

This 2015 Christmas edition coin is perfect for your jolly Gold lover. Its limited mintage makes it a one-of-a-kind gift.


 Bar Bezel Bar Bezels

Bar designs can be true masterpieces, so why not wear them? Our assortment of 14-karat Gold bezels securely hold bars to create beautiful pieces of jewelry.


 clearance item Rare Gold finds

Don’t let your investor miss a great Gold find. Check out our list of specials and clearance items to find Gold at amazing prices.






7th Annual Escape to Australia Sweepstakes Winner Announced!


On September 21, 2015, APMEX and The Perth Mint launched their 7th Annual Perth Mint Australian Giveaway. The winner was recently chosen and we’re excited to congratulate Doreen L. from California on being chosen as the winner! The contest ran through October 23 and more than 2,000 people entered, either through mail-in entry or by purchasing select Gold and Silver Perth Mint products.

Since 2008, APMEX and The Perth Mint have partnered to bring customers this once-in-a-lifetime experience. With entries growing yearly, it has become an event people anticipate and are excited to enter. Oftentimes, winners will chronicle their journey through photos or even a personal blog.

Doreen and her husband are excited to take their trip fall 2016.”Winning this trip to Australia is one of the top five best things that have ever happened to me,” said Doreen. “I have wanted to go to Australia since high school, and I am way past high school age now. To say I am thrilled is an understatement, and my husband and I are so looking forward to going to Australia. Thank you APMEX, and thank you Perth Mint for this outstanding opportunity. It certainly pays to do business with the best, and APMEX has consistently been wonderful to work with.”

As part of her winnings, Doreen will receive $1,000 spending money, an exclusive VIP tour of The Perth Mint, roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations for seven days and memories to last a lifetime.

The Perth Mint is renowned for producing some of the most beautiful Precious Metals products in the world. If you haven’t seen our lineup of Gold and Silver from The Perth Mint, then you don’t know what you’re missing. View our products from the land down under: Gold Kangaroos, Silver Kookaburras, Silver Koalas, Gold Lunar and Silver Lunar.



Why a higher interest rate is good for Precious Metals investors.

blog image 2

Hanging near zero, the federal interest rate has not been raised in nearly 10 years. As the economy has recently improved, economists are speculating about when the Federal Reserve will raise the interest rate. With the national unemployment rate now around 5 percent or what is often considered “full employment,” the U.S. Federal Reserve is expected to hike the interest rate at its next meeting in December.

A higher interest rate would imply the economy is back to normal; the Fed isn’t flushing the market with cash for people to spend. When people have less money to spend, it prevents the prices of goods and services from accelerating too much (inflation). For Precious Metals investors, this is a very good thing!

When the interest rate hike takes effect, Gold and Silver prices are likely to go down because of a stronger dollar. That means investors can buy more and save for the future. This future could include conditions that might make Gold and Silver prices go back up—like geopolitical issues that create uncertainty, or changes in supply and demand that limit access to tangible investments.

Considering recent tension with Russia, China’s economic slowdown and the high cost of mining, that future may not be far away. The interest rate hike may create a window of buying opportunity—so keep an eye out for its announcement and changing Gold and Silver prices!


2016 Britannia Sweepstakes winners announced!

Winner_RoyalMintOn October 22, 2015, APMEX and the Royal Mint in London launched the 2016 Britannia Sweepstakes. The winners were drawn on November 11, 2015.

This contest provided customers and entrants the opportunity to be one of four winners selected to receive a free 25-coin tube of 2016 1 oz Silver Britannias. The tube includes a certificate of authenticity signed by Jody Clark, the artist behind the new design of the Queen’s fifth effigy.

The contest ended November 10, 2015 and the following day Chris Howard, Executive Director of the Royal Mint, and Nick Bowkett, Head of Bullion Sales at the Royal Mint, visited APMEX to meet with the team and select the four winners. A live drawing was held at Noon (ET) on November 11, 2015, when Bowkett and Howard were introduced and conducted the drawing. To view a recording of the drawing, click here.

Congratulations to the following winners:

David B. – Texas
Laryssa Z. – Pennsylvania
Melvin P. – Illinois
Stephen S. – Alabama

Visit to discover all of our Royal Mint products. Keep an eye out for the next sweepstakes opportunity!

APMEX Ramps Up Rare Coin Selections

800x400-PR-numismatic-coins-image A leader in the Precious Metals industry for over 15 years, APMEX has always had a small selection of collector coins as part of their bullion-rich inventory. This year, however, APMEX made a strategic business decision to give more old coins and currency new homes by growing their rare coin and currency inventory selections.

Currently, the popular Precious Metals retailer boasts nearly 4,000 rare coin and currency items with more added daily. While some items like the Morgan Silver Dollar series have a very deep selection, other items, like some of the early Barber Dimes , are simply one of a kind. The gamut of products covers all financial levels from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. APMEX has a number of inexpensive type coins, such as Large Cents, on their website. But if your budget permits, they recently sold an extremely rare 1879 $4.00 Flowing Hair Gold “Stella”, graded Proof-65 by PCGS, for over $200,000.

Having a vast selection of collector coins and currency isn’t the only thing that makes APMEX’s numismatic selection stand out amongst the crowd. It is also the passion of their dedicated team of numismatists. The team is led by Director of Numismatics Mike Garofalo, a well-known player in the Precious Metals and rare coin industries. Mike has over 36 years of coin experience, with nearly 8 of those spent at APMEX.

“APMEX has a remarkable selection of rare coins and currency to suit all tastes and budgets. We pride ourselves on finding desirable coins and offering them at fair prices to our customers,” Garofalo stated.

The APMEX team keeps their collector coins and currency selections growing by attending more than 15 coin shows a year. The next show coming up is the Whitman Coin Expo in Baltimore, MD, Nov 5- 8, 2015.

“We’re excited to see what new and exciting coins and currency items we can find for our customers. Our team is always ready to get back on the road,” Garofalo concluded.

Top Three Ways to Stack Silver

Whether you are a beginner looking to get into Silver stacking or you are more experienced and looking for ways to diversify your horde, APMEX has a variety of Silver pieces to tempt even a conservative stacker.

“Junk” Silver

“Junk” Silver refers to coins with 90% Silver content that have no real collectible value above their bullion price. While “junk” is generally pejorative, in this case it is merely an insiders’ term. Not only are these coins often still beautiful to look at, they are part of our history and can be very enjoyable to acquire. Most importantly, “junk” coins represent an affordable entrée into Silver stacking. Even a tiny outlay can allow a Silver enthusiast to become a Silver investor.

Collectible Coins

Numismatic coins, or coins that have value as collectibles, represent another type of desirable Silver to stack. For example, there are rare Walking Liberty Half Dollars worth thousands of dollars based on their year and mintage, while there are also generic Walking Liberty Half Dollars accessible to a beginning collector. Accumulating coins of this type can be a good investment, but it requires greater knowledge of coins and the collectibles market, as well as patience, to see a large return. However, purchasing collectible coins can certainly be a rewarding and enjoyable part of building your Silver stack.


Bullion refers to Precious Metals in any bulk form valued by weight. These items represent a low premium-over-spot way to build your Silver stack. The most popular Silver bullion item in the U.S. is the Silver American Eagle bullion coin, which is backed by the U.S. Mint for weight and purity, but there are many options for building your stack with bullion. There are even some attractive bullion novelties available. While these might be a risky purchase from an unknown source, by dealing with a reputable company like APMEX, you can confidently add conversation pieces to your growing Silver stack.

Whatever your favorite item for stacking, remember that experts tell us to diversify investments, so seek to create a balanced variety in your stack. Exploring new areas of collecting and different ways to build your Silver stack will ensure you have a valuable Silver portfolio in the future.

Johnson Matthey opts out after 160 years; creates special buying opportunity

Gold and Silver investors, take note!

Now is your chance to pick up a valuable piece of history before it’s gone.

UK-based Johnson Matthey has ended its 160-year involvement in the Gold and Silver refining business with the sale of its last two major bullion-refining plants to Asahi Holdings, Inc., a reputable Japanese collector, refiner and recycler of Precious Metals.

JM 1 ozFormed in 1851, Johnson Matthey has been increasingly focused on catalysis and environmental technologies since the 1950s. Chief Executive Robert MacLeod said the company wanted to focus its chemical expertise toward technology solutions, which led to an opening for Asahi to purchase the plants for $186 million.

Both plants (Salt Lake City, Utah and Brampton, Canada) received Responsible Gold accreditation from the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and are listed on the organization’s Good Delivery List. Asahi upholds equally high standards, with its Kobe, Japan plant also listed on the LMBA’s Good Delivery List. Such standings allow Asahi products to be sold on the discerning London market.JM bar 2

Asahi has already started using the old Johnson Matthey refineries to create hand-poured products. The first edition of their American-struck products is a bar containing 100 oz of .999 fine Silver . This unique beauty is available online through APMEX.

Products with the retired Johnson Matthey logo will fetch greater and greater premiums as time goes on, so now is a good time to pick up these increasingly collectible bars. APMEX currently has the largest stock of Johnson Matthey bars in the industry, making it a convenient place to buy products that will soon be rare.