New To Investing in Precious Metals – A Q&A Session with APMEX Director of VIP Services, Peter LaTona.

As a new investor in Precious Metals, several questions may arise when you open a Precious Metals investment account. Here below is a recap of our most recent Q&A session where APMEX Director of VIP Services Peter LaTona helped answer questions submitted by our fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, as new investors of Precious Metals.

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Q – I have an annuity retirement plan, and I want to roll that over into a precious metals IRA. How difficult will this be?

A – Great question, and the good news is that it is easy. You can get information on our website at or just call Ladonna at (800) 375-9006 ext. 120.

Q – What is the reason for the sudden Gold and Silver price drop? Any idea? I’m all for it because it is a great buying opportunity, but is it going to go back up?

A – I have not seen a specific article or event explaining today’s drop, but the general theme that has been out there the past couple of weeks is that the U.S. and global economies are getting better faster than expected. I will leave that to you if you believe that is true. If you are referring to the drop that occurred in April, it had to do with large institutions and hedge funds (Speculators) selling paper positions. The physical buyers (Investors) saw this as a buying opportunity and  purchased in record amounts

Q – What is the difference between .9999 fine Gold, and .999+ Gold? I see that a lot.

A – It is all about the purity of the Gold. If we were talking about jewelry, the .9999 would be more expensive because it is more pure. When we talk about bullion coins and bars they are equal because they will all be considered one ounce of Gold. A Gold American Eagle contains 1 oz of Gold, but it is only .9167 pure (22 karat) because it contains alloys to make it more wear-resistant. The Gold Canadian Maple Leaf is .9999 pure (24 karat), but it also contains 1 oz of Gold. The Canadian coin is smaller than the American Eagle and has a shiny Gold color; the Eagle does not. Yet in bullion terms, they are both just 1 oz of Gold. The purity might make it look more attractive, but does not add value.

Q – I’ve been a loyal customer for more than 2 years now. I tell my close friends and family that investing in Precious Metals through APMEX is a great alternative to high-risk equities. My question is, does APMEX offer visitor tours of the facilities or have some sort of visitor center that highlights the commitment of servicing the Precious Metals industry for so many years? Also, I’m still waiting for the return of the 1/20 oz Gold Mexican Libertad.

A – APMEX has three physical locations, and our vaults are located at the former Federal Reserve Bank in Oklahoma City. Our security is as tight as Ft. Knox and even if we wanted to conduct tours, our insurance would not allow it. As a sales person, I wish we could offer customer tours. Anyone who has seen our operations recognizes that there is nothing else out there even close. Our vaults are the former Federal Reserve Bank vaults with doors that weigh more than 250,000 lbs. It is truly an amazing sight and walk through history. Yes, it will be great when we see the 1/20 Libs again.

Q – When do you anticipate a drop in premiums?

A – I do expect a drop as the producers will eventually catch up to demand. There are always cycles. Unfortunately, although I believe this will happen, I cannot say when and would not guess. The tricky part is that generally speaking the premiums will drop as spot prices go up because demand usually decreases when spot price goes up. So on one hand the premiums get better, but spot price is rising. This is not always the case, but usually the case.

Q – I see some “experts” say that Silver should reach $40 and even higher by the year’s end, $60 per ounce next year and upwards of $100 per ounce in the next few. Do you think this is possible?

A – Most anything is possible, but you can find experts saying it will go up, and some say it will go down. Be careful of experts because often they want to sell you Silver. In the short term no one knows for sure, but Silver is not necessarily a short term investment. The predictions you posted are certainly on the aggressive side. Do I see reasons why a person would be long term bullish on Silver and Gold…yes…but when I see predictions of radical ups and downs, I think twice.

Q – Just started purchasing Silver. Any tips? Bars or Silver Eagles?

A – Bars and Silver Eagles are both popular, so both are good choices. Bars cost less, but the spread is relatively the same as Silver Eagles. Coins like the Silver Eagles are made by a government mint. They have greater authenticity. Coin are more intricate to produce, which is why they cost more, but they are much harder to counterfeit than bars.

Q – I’ve heard that Gold prices have been artificially kept low. What is your opinion?

A- Good question, and I have heard these rumors as well. I do not have enough facts to say that this has not nor could not happen; I am not willing to take one side or the other. In today’s world, I do believe it is possible. But has it or will it, I do not know.

Q – What I want know is, if the demand is so high, how are prices falling. Today’s Gold is under $1,400? Something isn’t right here.

A – Physical demand is high, but paper demand, which is driven by large institutional investors and hedge funds, is low. Paper sales drive spot prices much more than physical sales. Physical demand is driven more by long term investors and paper demand is driven more by traders.

Q – What effect on spot prices should we see with the collapse of the Rio Tinto mine in Utah? It is the world’s second largest copper mine, but it also was a large producer of Gold, and supplied 16% of U.S. sourced Silver. It’s now closed. Should such supply constraints be a cause for concern? When will prices be affected?

A – It will probably not have a dramatic effect, but it certainly will not help prices go lower. Platinum and palladium are more affected by supply and demand than Gold and Silver. I am not saying there will be no effect, but I am saying it may not be dramatic. World events and economies will continue to be major factors.

Q – What are your predictions for Gold and Silver prices 20 years from now? Do you see Silver going to over $100 an ounce in the next 10 years?

A – I am long term bullish, but I never predict prices. APMEX does not predict prices. We do not want to be one of those companies who try to get you to buy because we predict high prices. It is hard for me to imagine the scenarios that would have to happen for prices to be less 10-20 years from now.

Q – I bought Gold a few months back, and the price of Gold keeps dropping. Am I going to get my money back? Is Gold going back up any time soon?

A – When you purchased the Gold, did you have a date in mind that you intended to liquidate? The question should be do you believe that this will be a good investment at your target liquidation date. I would tell anyone that if you are looking for a quick turnaround, physical metals may not be the best way to go.

Q – It’s even hard finding junk industrial Silver. 3-4 years ago it was everywhere! What will make the inventory get back to normal? Or will it?

A – We have plenty industrial Silver options available. Just check this link