Monday links: Gold ends lower on European elections

Gold ends lower on European elections (MarketWatch)

India Removes Excise Tax on Gold Jewelry (WSJ)

Warren Who? Gold Bugs Still Think They Have Right Idea (CNBC)

US consumers upped their borrowing in March (AP)

A post-elections reality check in the Eurozone (LA Times)

US Stocks Mixed After Post-Election Bounce (WSJ)

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Thursday Links: Gold falls 1 percent

Gold falls 1 percent, US nonfarm payrolls eyed (Reuters)

Gold falls after ECB offers little stimulus hope (AP)

Gold falls after ECB offers little hope of stimulus money for economy; other commodities mixed (Washington Post)

April retail sales worst since 2009 (AP)

OPEC says pumping hard to bring oil price down (Reuters)

US Stocks Decline On Eve Of Friday Jobs Report; Nonmanufacturing Activity Weak (WSJ)

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