Weekly Gold and Silver Market Recap for May 18, 2012

by Nicholas Wilsey. Email Nicholas.

Gold’s resiliency shines:

The week started in the same fashion as it ended last week. Gold prices were continually being affected by the strong U.S. dollar and the economic crisis in the Europe. The eurozone’s economic and political crises haves been affecting global markets during the past week. “Worries about Europe are pushing people to the dollar,” said Frank McGhee at Integrated Brokerage Services LLC. Even in the face of adversity many experts saw the long term picture;  “On a long-term basis, Gold has a place in most investment portfolios for two reasons: We foresee demand returning from emerging markets, and more and more investors buy Gold as a hedge against inflation,” said Sanjeev Sardana, financial adviser and chief executive officer of Bluepointe Capital Management. On Thursday the market responded with the first upswing of the week. “We have seen more interest come through from physical buyers … because prices have come down substantially,” said Afshin Nabavi at MKS Finance. The trend has continued to Friday, looking to end the week on a positive note. In a note to investors, UBS wrote, “Yesterday, Gold defied a stronger dollar, weaker equities, and another raft of negative EU headlines (to rise). It felt like the Gold market of yesteryears.” Continue reading