Now Available 2013 Graded Gold Buffalos – 100 Year Anniversary of a Classic Design

2013 1 oz Gold Buffalo MS-70 PCGS First Strike Black Diamond

2013 1 oz Gold Buffalo MS-70 PCGS First Strike Black Diamond

In 2006, the United States Mint introduced its first 24-karat gold coin: the Gold Buffalo. The Gold Buffalo coin is designed after the famous 1913 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel created by James Earle Fraser. The obverse shows the well-known Indian Head design, and the reverse features the classic buffalo design as well as inscriptions of the weight, denomination, and gold content.

The 2006, 2007, and 2008 Gold Buffalo coins were a huge success, providing competition for the Gold Maple Leafs. The 2009 and 2010 Gold Buffalo coins are .9999 fine and are only available in a 1 oz coin.

To add the stunning 24-karat Gold Buffalo coins to your gold coin collection or gold portfolio, shop APMEX’s wide selection of Gold Buffalo coins. APMEX makes it easy to buy gold by offering competitive gold prices on all gold coins.

Monday links: Gold and Silver rise on Bernanke comments

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Weekly Gold and Silver Market Recap for March 16, 2012

After a week of mostly positive news for the economy, the dollar is relatively stronger, pushing down the price of precious metals. Gold opened the week at $1700 and is closing the week down by about $40.

by Robert Davis. Email Robert.

The size of China’s trade deficit took markets by surprise this morning. Its deficit of $31.48 billion is the largest in 12 years. Economists had expected the gap to grow as a result of seasonality, but not by as much as it did. Overall, this points to a weakening Chinese economy. The slowdown is happening faster than the Chinese government expected. Senior Chinese officials are hinting that the country’s currency may not appreciate as quickly as it has the past couple of years. It is also expected that bank lending will be encouraged in order to push more liquidity into the system.

The world’s largest banks are looking more favorably at the euro. Bloomberg news surveyed more than 50 strategists and reported that their median estimate predicts a stronger euro for the second and third quarters. A stronger euro could be positive news for Gold prices. The rising euro should lower the U.S. dollar, and the price of Gold typically would go up as a result. Continue reading

New Release – 1 oz. Silver Britannia for 2012 – 15th Anniversary Issue


1 ounce silver britannia

The 2012 1 oz. Silver Britannia! Struck in .958-fine Silver, this is the purest legal tender of the British realm. Marking the 15th anniversary of the Silver Britannia series, the 2012 issue is sought after for its collectibility as well as its bullion value. It features a rendition of the classic Britannia design that is used on less than half of the coins in the series. Add the newest Silver Britannia coin to your collection today, while supplies last!

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Weekly Gold & Silver Market Recap for March 2, 2012

The big event in precious metals this week took place on Wednesday, as Gold and Silver experienced drastic sell-offs after testimony by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, before the House Financial Services Committee, indicated that the Fed is not likely to consider a third round of quantitative easing. The price of Gold dropped over $90, bringing the metal under $1,700 for the first time since late January.  By Thursday, however, precious metals prices had rebounded, with Gold once again above $1,700. Standard Bank’s Walter de Wet said, “We had a sense that the Gold market was increasingly pricing in QE3, and obviously Bernanke has put a dampener on that.” But the drop in prices strongly pushed physical sales of the metal, with one dealer saying, “It’s been a long time since we (saw) such decent buying.” Julian Jessop of independent macroeconomic research consultancy Capital Economics called the movement by the metals overdone and said that he feels the appeal of Gold will make up for the unlikelihood of a QE3. Referring to that appeal, Jessop said, “It is the risk of a renewed escalation of the eurozone crisis that underpins our forecasts.” Analysts with bullion broker Sharps Pixley in London suggested that yesterday’s Gold pullback could be a window of opportunity for investors looking to get into Gold, saying in a note to clients, “The long-term Gold story remains unchanged.”

Another factor that contributed to the fall in Gold’s price on Wednesday was the news that the European Central Bank infused nearly a half-trillion euros into the banking system. Laurent Fransolet at Barclays Capital said, “The astonishing number this time is the number of banks participating, which signals that a lot more small banks looked for the money, and it is likely they will pass it on to the economy.” This release of funds from the ECB is designed to allow more time for European politicians to solve the eurozone’s financial crisis. On Friday, 25 of the 27 European Union countries signed a fiscal pact which states that all countries are to write a golden rule regarding balanced budgets and to put those into constitutions or laws. European Council President Herman Van Rompuy said that the agreement “helps prevent a repetition of the sovereign debt crisis.” However, that raises a question: Doesn’t the crisis have to be over before a repetition can occur? Continue reading

Thursday links: Gold rebounds

“Today might be an indicator that the opportunity was yesterday, but that is far from certain. I believe gold is a portfolio diversification strategy and therefore is needed at any price. I am certain no one successfully times the market over time”: Pete LaTona VP of Sales at APMEX responds to a question asked by a Facebook fan.

Precious Metals

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1 oz Gold South African Krugerrand – Random Year

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