At What Age Should You Start Investing In Precious Metals?

In our recent fill in the blank trivia on Facebook and Twitter, we asked this very question from fans and followers. As the answers were rolling in, many of you felt that you should start investing as soon as you get your first paycheck, while some of you said that you should start investing in precious metals for your children as soon as they are born. So we asked our team of professionals here at APMEX the very same questions and here is what they had to say:

 At what age should one start to invest in precious metals?
Precious metals should be considered for all investment portfolios.  At whatever age an individual begins to save and invest, they should consider precious metals. As a “collector” is another story. Children below the age of 5 are often taught by their parents to collect coins and start a coin collection.

Which precious metals should one start investing in as a first time investor?
Depending on how much you have to invest you would start with gold or silver. Most of our customers who invest $20,000 or more invest in both gold and silver.

What are some of the most popular APMEX products for first time investors?
The most popular APMEX products are the 1oz. Gold and Silver American Eagles. The Canadian Gold and Silver 1oz Maple Leaf is not too far behind. APMEX branded Gold and Silver bars & rounds are also popular.

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Three Tips on Placing Orders with APMEX

We’re back! It’s time for part three of our APMEX course. You’re one lesson closer to becoming a Precious Metals expert. Now that you know how to buy and sell, here are three new tips to consider when placing your orders with APMEX!

  1. Before calling our account managers and reading from your “must have” list, make sure that you’re registered on our website! It’s free to register for an account with APMEX, and you’ll have a chance to win a FREE 1 oz Gold American Eagle. You can find the registration link at the very top of our website.
  2. So, you’ve registered…now what? If you’re a new investor you may have a number of questions about where to begin. We have several options to help you decide between the 5,000 products that we offer:
    1. Check out our New Investors page. This page is designed to ease new investors into the world of Precious Metals and contains a glossary of key terms, educational videos and a quick start guide that you can download for free.
    2. Join the in-crowd! Find out what other customers are currently investing in and take a look at the latest trends on our Top 40 Best Sellers page.
    3. Sometimes you just want to talk to a live person. Our account managers are here to help! These experts won’t lead you into what to buy, but they are extremely well versed on our products and the market and are happy to share their wealth of knowledge. Connect with an account manager at
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  3. Be sure of your selection before submitting your order. Once the order has been submitted, it can’t be changed or modified. Ask all the questions you can think of before finalizing your purchase so you can be confident in your selections.

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Weekly Gold & Silver Market Recap for March 22nd, 2013


The tiny European island nation of Cyprus dominated many of the financial headlines this week, and as of today there has been no resolution to the country’s financial crisis. Cyprus is in the midst of a financial collapse and is in dire need of aid from larger international banks. The European Union has stepped up and is willing to assist in financing a bailout plan. However, the EU is requiring that Cyprus pay back part of the loan with a tax on bank deposits. Ilya Spivak, currency strategist at DailyFX said the Cyprus bailout plan “has pushed the euro sharply lower at the start of the trading week amid rising fears of mass capital flight.” He continues on to say that investors across the zone could scramble to move their capital out of the region. The easing proposal was met with much resistance by the government of Cyprus. “At this point in time, we are saying [to international lenders] that if you think that by doing this you are fixing things, by actually destroying our economy and one of the biggest and strongest financial sectors we had on this island, then we have to say ‘no’,” said Efi Xanthou, international relations secretary of the Cyprus Green Party. As of today Cypriot lawmakers are voting today on bills that would strike a deal with European partners after talks with Russia fell apart. The controversial tax on bank deposits is the key issue that parliament will debate. Banks in Cyprus reopen on Tuesday, and there is a real concern that capital will begin to flow out of the beleaguered country. The European Union issued the Cypriot parliament an ultimatum saying they need to raise 5.8 billion euros by Monday to receive their bailout package. Without the deal, Cypriot banks will be cut off from the liquidity of the European Central Bank. Bill Blain, senior fixed income broker at Mint Partners, said “Cyprus could be let go if they don’t come up with a robust enough package. If they come up with something half-baked, that will be rejected and they will be let go. If they come up with something that clearly cuts higher deposits and puts money back into the banks and go about bank restructuring, that may work.” The Gold price has been rising as the trouble in Cyprus unfolds. Safe haven buying prompted investors to push the Precious Metal to as high as $1,616.36 an ounce in overnight trading. When priced against the euro, Gold is up 2.6 percent so far this week.


On Tuesday the latest policy meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee began. HSBC said in a note, “(We) expect the FOMC to reaffirm its commitment to the current quantitative easing policy and to offer no hint that it will alter the policy in the near term … Uncertainties surrounding the potential withdraw of QE contributed to Gold’s sell-off earlier this year. Given this, clarity on the FOMC’s QE exit strategy may help ease such concerns and lend support to Gold.” Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke promised to uphold the Fed’s $85 billion in monthly bond purchases on Wednesday. Few are surprised by the Fed’s announcement as the current unemployment rate of 7.7 percent is still far from the 6.5 percent target. Bernanke has committed to maintain the current stimulus program until the U.S. jobless rate has reached the desired target. Some Federal Reserve officials have been open critics of the need for a continuation of such aggressive monetary policy, but the majority of members still see the current easing measures as necessary to impel U.S. economic recovery. Bernanke noted that a scale down of the quantitative easing (QE) program is far from imminent as officials predict desired levels of unemployment will not be reached until at least 2015. On Thursday morning the United States jobless claims report was released. While the claims did move up, the move was not as much as anticipated. Analysts had expected a rise of about 10,000 claims; in reality it was closer to 2,000 claims. This report lends cause for the U.S. Federal Reserve to keep pushing forward with its monetary easing plans. “Gold is positively reacting to the Fed saying that quantitative easing will not end any time soon and there is also uncertainty of what is going on in Cyprus,” Saxo Bank senior manager Ole Hansen said. Gold has reacted positively when easing is in play and today is no different.

At 4:00 p.m. (EDT), the APMEX Precious Metals spot prices were:

Gold, $1,610.10, Down $6.20.
Silver, $28.79, Down $0.50.
Platinum, $1,585.70, Up $3.60.
Palladium, $759.50, Up $3.60.

US Mint Gold Eagle Sales Up 240%

The United States Mint completed the month of February 2013 with a year over year increase from February 2012 in mintage and sales of the 1 Oz Gold American Eagle of 240%, the largest year over year increase in any monthly sales since the financial crisis of 2008. This increase followed the January year over year increase of 47% in mintage and sales of the same Gold coins.

US Mint Monthly Gold 1 oz Eagles

In a similar manner, the United States Mint reported an increase in the mintage and sales of the 1 Oz Silver American Eagle for February 2013 over February 2012 of 126%, the largest increase in sales during the month of February over the same month for the previous year since the financial crisis in 2008. For January 2013, the increase in sales of the Silver coin was 23% as compared to the sales in January 2012.

US Mint Monthly Silver 1 oz Eagles

“The increase in sales by the United States Mint of the 1 oz Gold and Silver coins is evidence of the significant demand for the physical precious metals in the market place. According to the communications with our customers, more buyers are turning to physical Gold and Silver because of concerns over the U.S. Debt and the crisis this huge debt level may bring to the U.S. Economy over the next several years,” stated Michael Haynes, CEO of APMEX.

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This 1 oz Gold bar from Sunshine Minting boasts a brand new security feature, MintMark SI™, which will be incorporated into every new SMI bullion product. You will find this new feature on the reverse of the bar, which also displays Sunshine’s recurring diagonal sunrise pattern.

When viewed through Sunshine Minting’s special decoder lens at one angle, the central design shows the word “Valid,” but when you turn the decoder lens 90 degrees, a sunburst appears. These two different views further verify your 1 oz Gold bar. Authenticate your new Sunshine Minting Gold bar with the Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens!

The obverse of this Gold bar bears the Sunshine Minting eagle with the sun and rays in the background. Listed on the obverse are the weight and purity, along with a unique serial number, which matches the tamper evident packaging. This serial number provides even more guarantee of authenticity.

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