Tuesday links: Gold & Silver Prices Head Higher Throughout the Day

Precious metals

Gold Steady In Asia After Greek Bailout Vote (WSJ)

Silver Stocks on the Upswing Despite Demand Uncertainty (Marketwatch)

India Silver Imports May Top 5,000 Tons in 2012 (WSJ)


Japan Refiners Said to Stall on Iran Crude Deals Amid U.S. Sanctions Talks (Bloomberg)

Egyptian equities: wishful thinking? (FT)


Stocks Plunge (Open-To-Close) As Commodities Outperform (Zerohedge)

Monday Links: Gold Prices Up

Precious Metals

Colo. bill would legalize gold, silver currency (CBS News)

Central Bankers Rub Gold Bugs the Right Way (WSJ)

Felix Zulauf: Why You Need to Own Physical Gold (Financial Sense)

Why This Gold Bull Market Is Nothing Like Past Bull Markets (Business Insider)


BRICs no less vulnerable to global risks (Reuters)


Is It Time to Start Worrying About Inflation Again? (Time)

Schedule for Week of February 19th (Calculated Risk)