Antelope Joins the Moose, Cougar, Grizzly, and others



2013 1 oz Silver Canadian Antelope (Wildlife Series)In the heart of western Canada roams the pronghorn antelope. Migratory and herding instincts can carry these beautiful creatures more than 500 miles a year between Saskatchewan and Alberta, and Montana. And now, it’s the 2013 1 oz Silver Canadian Antelope, the fifth coin in the Royal Canadian Mint Wildlife Series. This beautiful coin offers investors and collectors:

  • A guarantee by the Canadian government: With 1 oz of .9999 fine Silver, this is among the purest Silver coins minted. The Canadian government guarantees the weight and purity of each coin and assigns it a face value of $5 CAD
  • A popular series: This is the 5th coin in a very popular six coin Canadian Wildlife Series from the Royal Canadian Mint. Earlier coins in the series are also available.

A beautiful collectible: Emily S. Damstra’s design is a standout. The reverse, or back, depicts the pronghorn antelope crossing a grassy vista. The obverse, or front, features the profile of Queen Elizabeth II.


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Exclusive APMEX Design 2012 Silver Dragons


APMEX Silver DragonsAPMEX Silver Dragons – In the Chinese Lunar Calendar, 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. The dragon is known for its strength, beauty and noble nature. These traits are flawlessly portrayed in APMEX’s 2012 Year of the Dragon Silver bars and Silver rounds. Not only is the dragon the only mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac, it is also one of the most popular.

These Silver bars and rounds are .999 fine Silver and are stamped with APMEX’s one of a kind dragon design. Make sure you grab your Year of the Dragon Silver bars and Silver rounds before they become simply a thing of legend.

These Silver Dragon Bars and Rounds will only be minted to commemorate 2012 as the Year of the Dragon, and they are in high demand. APMEX makes it easy to buy Silver by offering competitive Silver prices on all Silver bullion items.


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Get The 2012 Silver Kangaroos Before They Jump Away


A Treasure For Kangaroo Coin Lovers. The Latest Release In The Series. The 2012 1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo With Assay

2012 1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo w/Card

Collectors worldwide love the Royal Australian Mint’s Kangaroo coin series, which has limited annual mintage and a new design almost every year. The 2012 Silver Kangaroo features Wojciech Pietranik’s portrayal of the Mareeba rock wallaby, one of Australia’s smaller marsupials. And APMEX has these coins in Silver Frosted Uncirculated condition. The 2012 1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin comes in an assay card that lists the coin specifications and is itself a work of art.


  • Enhanced beauty and limited mintage: This year, a special few – 20,000 Silver Kangaroos – were minted in this precisely detailed, Silver Frosted Uncirculated condition.
  • Beautiful packaging: The Royal Australian Mint guarantees this coin with a beautiful assay card.
  • Celebrating the beloved kangaroo: This is the newest coin in a series that began in 1993. It features the Mareeba rock wallaby from the rain forest in North Queensland, Australia. This little kangaroo was first recognized as a species unto itself less than 20 years ago.

Guaranteed purity and weight: The Australian government guarantees the 1 oz .999 fine Silver content in each coin.


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24-Hours Only – Round of Silver Savings Starts Now


24 Hour Round of Savings! 1 oz Sunshine Minting Silver Rounds Only $1.29 per Round Over Spot – Any Quantity

1 oz Sunshine Minting Silver Round .999 Fine

Don’t let the Sunshine go down on this deal. For 24 hours only, you can buy 1 oz Sunshine Minting Silver Rounds for just $1.29 per round over spot. Buy any quantity and take advantage of this great price – while supplies last.

This is a great deal on a popular Silver round. You get:

  • More for your money: Premiums on these Silver rounds are lower than most international Silver products, so you can add more Silver to your holdings for less.
  • Purity and popularity: With 1 oz of .999 fine Silver, these are among the purest Silver rounds available. They come in a popular size that’s ideal for investing and easy to sell when needed.
  • Guaranteed quality: Sunshine Minting, one of the largest Silver manufacturers in the world, stands behind every one of these rounds.
  • Attractive design: The raised rim construction helps protect the unique Sunshine eagle design during stacking and storage.


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Get the Very Best While They Last: Perfect 70 Gold Buffalos

Iconic Gold Buffalos 2012 First Strike Black Diamond & 2012-W Proof Gold In Absolutely Perfect Condition

 Perfect Gold Buffalos Presenting two Gold coins that are classic in heritage and beauty. The Proof and Mint State Perfect Gold Buffalos both display the famous 1913 James Earle Fraser “Black Diamond” design in 1 oz of .9999 fine Gold.


For 2012, the U.S. Mint struck 1 oz Gold Buffalos in both Mint State and Proof condition and APMEX has First Strikes of both. And every one that we offer has met our own stringent grading standards in addition to the quality authentication process of PCGS. Each of these Perfect Gold Buffalos offers:

  • Mint State or Proof condition: Mint State means the coin has never been circulated and retains its mint luster. Proof coins are minted with specially polished dies to provide a shimmering mirror like finish to the background; a frosted finish to the raised devices.
  • Perfect 70: These coins have the highest grade on the Sheldon Grading Scale which runs from 1-70. They are in absolutely perfect condition and come in a slab from PCGS that guarantees their authenticity and condition.
  • Famous design: There is no nick or wear on these Perfect Gold Buffalos to mar James Earle Fraser’s famous design, with its compilation of three Native American chiefs on the obverse, or front, and Black Diamond, the largest bison in captivity in its time, on the reverse, or back.
  • First Strike: The PCGS First Strike designation means that PCGS received these coins within 30 days of release.
  • 1 oz .9999 fine Gold: The purity of this coin is guaranteed by the United States government.
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One Day Only – Special Deal On Silver Austrian Philharmonics

For A Limited Time Only, A Special Price: The 2012 1 oz Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coin Only $2.49 per Coin over Spot!

2012 1 oz Silver Austrian Philharmonic

For one day only, you can add gorgeous 2012 1 oz Silver Austrian Philharmonic coins to your collection for a special price of $2.49 per coin over spot! Austrian Philharmonic coins are among the most popular coins in the world, struck in .999 fine Silver with renowned designs that honor Vienna’s rich musical heritage and its Philharmonic Orchestra. Add the 2012 issue to your diversified portfolio or Precious Metals IRA at this special price, while supplies last!


Silver Philharmonic coins are among the world’s most sought after Silver bullion coins, especially in Europe. The Austrian Mint in Vienna began minting them in 2008 and has issued a new coin each year. If you want a complete set, it only takes 5 coins. They’re great gifts and collectibles, especially for music lovers. Philharmonic coins are:

  • .999 fine Silver with purity guaranteed by the Austrian government
  • The world’s only annually minted bullion coin denominated in euros
  • In worldwide demand, making them highly liquid and easy to sell
  • Approved for Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Shipped in mint tubes when ordered in multiples of 20

The back, or reverse, of the coin celebrates the rich musical heritage of Austria with an array of musical instruments, including the bass, cello, violin, harp, bassoon and Vienna horn. It reads “Wiener Philharmoniker,” which translates to “Vienna Philharmonic.” The front, or obverse, depicts the great organ in the Musikverein, Vienna’s Philharmonic Orchestra hall.

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