Four Tips on Selling to APMEX

Last week we told you how to purchase from APMEX. Now we’re going to give you the inside scoop on selling to APMEX.  Did you know that you have the option of selling your items directly back to us? Here are four things you should know about selling to APMEX!

  1. If we sell it, we’ll buy it back. You just have to a have a minimum of $1,000 USD worth of items to sell. You can reach our purchasing agents at (800) 375-9006, option 2. After going over the Precious Metals products that you want to sell, they’ll lock you into a price and you’ll be well on your way to seeing a return on your investment.
  2. We have a number of different payment options for you to choose from. Have your funds deposited directly into your account with an ACH transfer or bank wire, or we can simply mail you a check. Once your item(s) have been received, APMEX generally submits your payment within 5-6 business days. Here is a breakdown of possible fees and estimated time tables:
    • Check – No charge. Takes 5-7 days to receive.
    • Priority Check – $7.95 fee. Takes 1-3 days to receive.
    • ACH Transfer – $5 fee, only available on orders under $50,000. Electronic transfer into customers’ accounts takes 1-3 days to post funds.
    • Bank Wire – $25 fee, only available on orders over $5,000. Funds are posted at the end of the business day when payment is issued.
  3. Find coins stored in your home? Don’t know what to do with the bars that a relative left you? Call us! We’ll let you know all about the current pricing on your product(s) so you can truly see the value in your hidden treasure.
  4. Customers must call and lock in orders before shipping their product.

APMEX makes the selling process simple and easy. Your next cash advance might be a call away.