24 Hours To Get Our Lowest Price Ever On 1 oz Sunshine Gold Bars


This 1 oz Gold bar from Sunshine Minting boasts a brand new security feature, MintMark SI™, which will be incorporated into every new SMI bullion product. You will find this new feature on the reverse of the bar, which also displays Sunshine’s recurring diagonal sunrise pattern.

When viewed through Sunshine Minting’s special decoder lens at one angle, the central design shows the word “Valid,” but when you turn the decoder lens 90 degrees, a sunburst appears. These two different views further verify your 1 oz Gold bar. Authenticate your new Sunshine Minting Gold bar with the Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens!

The obverse of this Gold bar bears the Sunshine Minting eagle with the sun and rays in the background. Listed on the obverse are the weight and purity, along with a unique serial number, which matches the tamper evident packaging. This serial number provides even more guarantee of authenticity.

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