Monday Links: Gold Down to Fresh 2012 Low

Gold Down To Fresh 2012 Low (WSJ)

‘Au’-sterity for gold as prices plunge (CNN)

Gold Erases Year’s Gain as Europe Concern Boosts Dollar (Bloomberg)

Euro drops to near 4-month low on Greek deadlock (Reuters)

Analysis: Fed regulators in hot seat over JPMorgan loss (Reuters)

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Monday links: Gold ends lower on European elections

Gold ends lower on European elections (MarketWatch)

India Removes Excise Tax on Gold Jewelry (WSJ)

Warren Who? Gold Bugs Still Think They Have Right Idea (CNBC)

US consumers upped their borrowing in March (AP)

A post-elections reality check in the Eurozone (LA Times)

US Stocks Mixed After Post-Election Bounce (WSJ)

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Tuesday Links: Gold Slips on Positive US Manufacturing Data

Precious Metals

Gold Slips On US Manufacturing Data (WSJ)

Gold trades lower after manufacturing data (MarketWatch)


US economy shows resilience as manufacturing grows at fastest pace in 10 months (Washington Post)

U.S. auto sales continue at strong pace (CNN)

Dow Jones average hits highest mark since ’07 (AP)

Dow Notches Four-Year Closing High (Fox Business)

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Monday links: Gold recovers from early loss today

Gold Shakes Off $1.24 Billion ‘Fat Finger’ (WSJ)

Gold edges slightly lower for session, month. Silver suffers more than 4% monthly percentage drop (MarketWatch)

Slowing economy drives S&P down in April (Reuters)

Spain in Recession, Braces for Protests (WSJ)

US consumer spending slowed in March, income rose (AP)

Home loan demand rises, but credit standards remain tight (LA Times)

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Monday Links: Gold falls on worries over Europe and China

India Gold Demand to Pick Up (WSJ)

Gold At Two-Week Low, Silver Off 3.5% On EU Worry (WSJ)

Gold at two-week low on worries over Europe, China (MarketWatch)

Gold ends lower; silver leads loss, off 3.5% (MarketWatch)

Stocks end day down on China, Europe fears (CNN)

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